US Open may ban LIV Golf players from future tournaments


The started a war between new LIV Golf invitation series and PGA Tours shows no signs of slowing down as golfers flock to Brooklyn Country Club for the US Open this week.

Although this year’s event welcomed contestants from a rival series, The Guardian reports that LIV players may be denied entry to future US Open tournaments.

Several former champions Dustin Johnson, Martin Kaimer and Bryson DeChambeau are among those who have already been banned by the PGA Tour after appearing on a Saudi-backed series.

USGA CEO Mike Wang couldn’t help it when asked if he sees a scenario where LIV players are locked out of future US Open tournaments.

“Yes,” he said without hesitation. When asked to clarify when said: “Can I foresee the day? Yes, I could foresee the day.”

“Honestly, what are we talking about [LIV Golf] Two years ago everything was different, and two months ago it was different than it is today.

“We’ve been doing this for 127 years, so I think [the USGA] you need to look at it in the long term and see where these things are going.

“So we’re not going to react to what we’re doing.

“The question was, can you imagine a day where it will be harder for some people doing different things to get into the US Open? I could,” he said.

Mickelson during training at The Country Club.AP

Wang revealed that the USGA considered banning LIV golfers from the 122nd US Open but ultimately found it unfair and impractical.

“We sat down and talked for a long time about the week leading up to the US Open,” Wang added. “[We asked ourselves]“Did anyone else compete with whom he played, and with which promoter will he be disqualified from this tournament?”

“We decided not to, with all the knowledge that not everyone would agree with such a decision.”

PGA Tour disqualifies 17 players

in PGA Tours recently announced a suspension of membership for all US Tour players who were part of LIV Golf London tournament, as well as banning them from any PGA Tour sponsored events for an indefinite period of time.

PGA Tours commissioner Jay Mona stated that these golfers chose to participate in the event without proper authorization in accordance with the rules of the American Tour.

None of the players will be able to participate in PGA Tour tournaments, including Presidents’ Cup, Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Champions Tour, PGA Tour of Canada, and PGA Tour of Latin America.

With the new series offering competition, the US Open prize pool has increased to $17.5 million, with Sunday’s winner taking home $3.15 million.


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