US kills Islamic State leader in Syria military operation


America president, Joe Bidenconfirmed on Thursday that in a counter-terrorism operation launched last night in northwest Syria, Islamic State (EI), Abu Ibrahim Hashemi Quraishi.

“Last night, under my command, the U.S. military successfully conducted a counterterrorism operation in northwestern Syria… Thank you for the skill and courage of our armed forceswe managed to remove Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi from the battlefield,” Biden said in a statement.

Biden confirmed the safe return of all Americans involved in the operation, Defend this military operation “to protect the American people” and its allies, and “make the world a safer place.

As reported in this statement, the President of the United States is scheduled to address the military operation this Thursday. The US government announced yesterday morning that it had “successfully” carried out the operation in the US. Idlib Governoratethe last opposition stronghold in northwestern Syria.

“Special operations forces under the control of U.S. Central Command are on a counterterrorism mission in northwest Syria tonight. mission was successful,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced in a brief statement.

The so-called “White Helmets,” a group of aid workers operating in opposition-held Syria, have raised the death toll in the U.S. operation to 13, including six minors.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also confirmed in a statement 13 dead, including 5 children and 3 womenwhile the other three bodies were “ripped apart” and have not yet been identified.


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