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On September 9, they arrived at the Mexican border town of Acuna, Texas, with thousands of people, and gathered on both sides of the border. According to live reports from the US government and AFP reporters, the last group of immigrants, mainly Haitians, left their makeshift camp on Friday, September 24 after failing to return to the United States. Agence France-Presse observed that they took their belongings into the van and took them to the shelter.

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Majorcas announced at a press conference held at the White House, “Today we no longer have immigrants camp under the bridge” From Del Rio, Texas, as of last weekend, there were as many as 15,000 people in the city, including many Haitians.

He said that about 2,000 people were deported to Haiti by air, 8,000 returned to Mexico voluntarily, 5,000 were transferred to shelters, and 12,400 were able to leave the scene and will have to report to the immigration judge to defend their asylum applications.

According to Mr. Majorcas, there are a total of 30,000 immigrants, most of whom are Haitians, living in hot and unsanitary conditions after crossing the Rio Grande from the city of Akuna. The influx of immigrants and the treatment of some people were repelled by border police on horseback when they crossed the river. This has aroused a lot of criticism from the Biden administration. The leftists regard it as inhumane and the rightists regard it as inhumane.

In a photo taken by an AFP photographer on Sunday, a border guard on horseback seized a man’s T-shirt on the coast of the United States. On the other hand, he turned the reins in a threatening posture, forcing them to retreat. These photos, which have toured around the world, caused a sensation in the United States. Some people think that the immigrants there are equivalent to cattle, others recall the abuse of African Americans by mounted police, prison guards, or slave owners.

“There will be consequences”

Joe Biden, who has not yet spoken publicly on the matter, vowed on Friday that these agents will “Pay” For these behaviors “scandal”. “I assure you that these people will pay, there will be investigations, and there will be consequences.”, He told reporters. The US authorities have launched an investigation and temporarily suspended border police operations around Del Rio. “It’s not who we are”During the campaign, the Democrat promised to treat immigration issues in a humane manner to distinguish him from Donald Trump, who only vowed to suppress and build a wall at the border.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki then defended the president’s tough remarks, citing “Very humane and heartfelt response to these images”The Democratic left condemned the deportation of Haitians to a country in a political, security and humanitarian crisis.

These evictions were authorized based on the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, “Determined by public health requirements”, Assure Alejandro Majorcas.The government did not act in a certain way “immoral”, He added, emphasizing that the right of asylum is subject to strict rules.

The right wing criticized the authorities for laxity, which, according to it, led to calls for air on the southern border. “President Biden did not respond to the border crisis he created and actively encouraged. Instead, he blindly joined the radical left, made hasty judgments and attacked the women and men responsible for protecting our borders.”, Launched the House of Representatives Republican leader Kevin McCarthy.

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