US-funded Abbas: ‘I don’t support armed resistance right now, but I may change my mind later’


Abbas says he wants even more money than he already receives, and more concessions, or there will be more jihadist violence. His stance here has been encouraged by the generosity of the Biden administration. These are his tax dollars at work, thanks to old Joe Biden and his henchmen.

“Palestinian President Threatens Return to Terror,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, December 8, 2022:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas indicated that the Palestinian Authority could resort to terrorism and said that “armed resistance” against Israel could begin at any time.

“I don’t support armed resistance right now, but I may change my mind later,” President Mahmoud Abbas said in a recent interview in Arabic translated into English on the Elder of Ziyon website, a blog that tracks Israeli and Palestinian issues. . “I don’t endorse military resistance at this time, but I may change my mind tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or at any time.”…

A return to terrorism would also shatter any hopes the Biden administration has of reviving a long-stalled peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.

Abbas during the interview blamed Israel for any potential change in policy, saying that the Jewish state’s efforts to thwart terrorism are too aggressive.

“If Israel continues with its actions, I will cancel the security agreement with it. Why continue? Abbas asked. “Why am I engaged in security coordination? And we can breathe without security coordination. Before that, we were breathing and our people were fighting the occupation.”…


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