US evacuates its non-essential personnel in Shanghai and asks to ‘reconsider travel to China’ due to Covid-19

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China can’t get rid of Coronavirus disease About two and a half years after the first ravages, it’s time to provide the world with images that weren’t published in January or February 2020.However, rather than virus incidence As a measure to deal with it, this attracts the attention of locals and foreigners alike. The United States has decided to act.

The U.S. State Department has ordered the evacuation of non-essential staff and their families from the consulate in Shanghai. In addition, he advised all citizens to “reconsider” any travel to China due to “arbitrary enforcement of local laws” restrictions in an attempt to contain the pandemic in the country.

Beyond Shanghai, Washington specifically asked not to travel to Hong Kong or Jilin province because of strict measures to stem the outbreak, “including the risk of separation of parents and children.” While authorities snatch food from the population, residents of these cores have serious problems storing food and other essential products.

Chinese experts rule out easing restrictions: “Omicron is not the flu”


“Zero Epidemic” Strategy

Over the weekend, Beijing submitted a formal complaint to Washington criticizing China’s anti-coronavirus restrictions, including block the entire city Just like the situation in Shanghai. “We are not satisfied with the U.S. allegations, which we strongly object to and have filed a formal complaint,” a foreign spokesman said. Zhao Lijiang.

While the rest of the world has succumbed to the virus, Chinese authorities are sticking to their “zero-coronavirus” strategy, even as the last wave of the outbreak has so far killed two people, especially as cases surge. .

high transmission rate Micron variant In addition to the above-mentioned restrictions, China has also imposed severe restrictions on mobility and closed its borders abroad, bringing China back to the starting point of its special “battle” against the virus.

A worker in a protective suit stands guard next to a roadblock in a Covid-19 blockade in Shanghai, China.


According to China’s National Health Commission, the total number of active infections in mainland China is 21,991, of which 77 are seriously ill. According to its own tally, the country has infected 166,849 people and killed 4,638 since the pandemic began.


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