US elections also vote on abortion rights and marijuana legalization


Americans not only chose these midterm elections at 435 Members of the House of Representatives, 35 of 100 Senators and 36 Governors.A referendum was also held abortion rights, This legalization of marijuana or use contraceptive pill in some states.

four U.S. states Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont and California all voted to protect abortion rights, And the preliminary results in Montana also won in that regard.

These votes on abortion followed last June The country’s top court will remove federal protections for abortion arrive Set aside the 1973 Roe v Wade decision thereby legitimizing this right.

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in southern Kentucky, where Abortion has been banned With few exceptions, such as when the mother’s life is in danger, the majority of voters vote Do not 2nd Amendment to the State Constitution. The initiative, proposed by Republicans, aims to explicitly include Magna Carta’s denial of abortion rights.

while in Michiganin the U.S. Midwest, the media predicts a “yes” victory for Proposition 3 Incorporate abortion rights into state constitutions In such a way to protect it from future conservatives trying to eliminate it. All of this was done to avoid a 1931 law going into effect in a state where abortion is legal today that would have banned abortion entirely unless the mother’s life was in danger.

California Vote for Proposition 1 to include its constitutional amendment protect reproductive freedom People “in their most intimate decisions” including The right to abortion and contraception.

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Vermont, In the Northeast, approved Reproductive Freedom AmendmentIntroduce changes in its state’s Magna Carta to establish that all citizens of the state have reproductive rightsincluding abortion.

while in Mountain, State trying to further restrict abortion, refusing to enact a law that should have declared before review Any legal person with a “live” baby any time during pregnancy. With this rule, all toilets will be criminalized.

legalization of marijuana

In Tuesday’s election, they also Recreational use of marijuana. Consultations have been conducted in five states in the United States, only two of which, Maryland and Missouri, support its legalization. In Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota, Do not.

in these five states Medicinal use is allowed Marijuana, only in Maryland and Missouri, voters opted to go a step further in favor of recreation.

These two regions are and 21 legalized states This medication is used recreationally.

Decriminalizing marijuana use is one of the Democrats’ big bets at the national level, but while Republican representatives also support it at the local level, a majority of conservatives in the House of Commons opposes the measure, preventing progressives from implementing it.



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