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The currently closed US border will open on November 8 Kevin Munoz, a White House spokesman, said on Twitter, stating that ” this notice and date apply to both international journeys by and after the country. As expected, it will be for fully vaccinated travelers. ” These travelers should be prepared to confirm their immunization status and provide proof of vaccination to the customs and border official upon request.“A CNN official said.

We already know that people vaccinated with FDA-recognized products (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) and those recognized by the WHO (such as AstraZeneca) will be accepted in the United States. It has not yet been said whether there will be people with “mixed” doses of the vaccine, except this Friday morning by Bloomberg, which assured that people with mixed doses will be accepted.

CNN confirms Reuters information: “essential travelers” (carriers, etc.) may continue to be vaccinated until January 2022, but since then all foreign travelers must be vaccinated.

The borders will therefore reopen after 19 months of closure. At present, these are the borders originally closed by President Trump, at the time heavily criticized by who was his competitor in the presidential election. Just before leaving the White House last January, Donald Trump announced the reopening of the border, but Joe Biden prevented his application. Since then, there has been great silence on the issue, while the media has feared the foundations of the closure, as have some international leaders who have told the White House.

This delay was probably due to the Delta option, but also to the possible use of a travel protocol to ensure “traceability” of passengers.


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