Urusei Yatsura Cafe will open in four cities in Japan as part of Luma’s return celebration【Photos】


Food and drinks offer the same mix of romance and physical pain as blockbuster anime, exclusive merchandise will also be offered for sale online.

Anime themed coffee shops in Japan fall into two categories. Some are designed to evoke excitement for a new series, while others exist to evoke warm feelings of nostalgia for a classic with a long-standing fan base.

And then coming Urusei Yatsura Cafewhich fits both descriptions. Creator Rumiko Takahashi the manga ran from 1978 to 1987 and became an almost immediate hit, with its first television anime adaptation debuting in 1981. Urusei Yatsura returned to Japanese television 36 years after the original anime aired in a modern style remake (although it retains the original setting from the early 1980s).

So with the alien princess/them Lum and her beloved/poor lech Ataru Moroboshi in the minds of anime fans young and old, the Urusei Yatsura Cafe is set to open next month, and like the interplanetary scale of the hijinks series, the coffee shop will travel across Japan to four different cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai, starting in Tokyo on December 8.

The menu is full of clever nods to the cast of characters, starting with the Stop the Wandering Eye setwhich gives you a hamburger steak and rice omelet. In Japan, they are usually eaten separately, but just as Ataru cannot fail to appreciate the countless unique, individual charms of the lovely young women who populate our universe, the cafe realizes that it is difficult to choose just one option when there are so many of them attractive there.

Meanwhile Oni Gratin Toast Full of Luma Love contains a cheese and spinach topping, reminiscent of Lum’s iconic tiger stripe bikini. It also comes with some hot sauce for you to add to your taste, as being the object of Lum’s affection also includes occasionally being the target of painful electric shocks that have the power to generate.

You can find even more warmth Fiery Curry Dozensinspired by little cousin Luma Ten, which is as much precocious as it is violent. Tena’s spaceship serves as a visual model for a scoop of saffron rice, and its fire-breathing ability comes from the “Fire” section (which also includes a portion of hot sauce).

Moving on to the desserts, that is Electric shock pancakes let you taste the sweetness of Lum and Ataru’s relationship, leaving him the only recipient of pain.

In fact, Ataru being the recipient of physical agony is a recurring theme in desserts as there is also a Parfait of the Monstrous Strength of the Virgin. Here we have a human classmate of Ataru Shinobuwho was his sort of girlfriend before Lum arrived on Earth, hovering a giant piece of cake above his head, preparing to throw it at the fleeing Ataru. And yes, the cafe staff recommends putting the cake directly on it before you start eating it.

Digging a little into Urusei Yatsura knowledge, dessert options also include Jiggling Octopus Puddinga reference to Ataru’s classmate and rival’s favorite pets Shutaro Mendo.

As always with themed cafes in Japan, there are also a whole lot of exclusive goodies. For starters, customers who reserve seats in advance (which incurs a 600 yen fee). [US$4.30] service charge) will receive one out of seven clean files. Also, every drink order gets you one out of six bases with character graphics.

Speaking of drinks, the selection includes Lum tiger striped soda (with herbal jelly and passion fruit)…

Ten’s cotton candy sodawhich resembles his angelic figure…

…and drinks in bottles with random tags.

Back to the merchandise, the shop attached to the cafe, which will also offer items for sale online, has a full range key holders


cups, bags, pouches and t-shirts


magnets and pins.

And while it won’t be for sale, the cafe will also be displaying life-size figure of Luma and Tenwhich has not yet been made public.

The dates/locations of Urusei Yatsura Cafe will be as follows:
● Tokyo: December 8 – February 5
Box Cafe & Space (Harajuku Alta Branch):
● Osaka: February 9 – March 12
Abeno Contact
● Nagoya: March 16 – April 9
Box Cafe & Space (Nagoya Lachic Building 1 Branch):
● Sendai: June 1 – June 25
Baller Building:S Aeon Mall Shinrifu South

Online ordering for goodies opens on December 8, and seat reservations can be made through the cafe’s official website here. Considering huge fan turnout for Ranma 1/2 cafebased on another hit by Rumiko Takahashi, booking a table in advance would probably be a very smart move.

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