Úrsula Corberó’s moment at a party with Madonna: “I love you”


Ursula Corberó He has set social networks on fire thanks to the photo that he has shared with none other than Madonna. The interpreter who was part of the cast of The Money Heist has published a post in which he appears with the ‘Queen of pop’. Both pose with the most complicity before the camera lens (dressed completely in black) in a party atmosphere.

“I love you”, Corberó has written in the snapshot, which as expected has achieved a large number of interactions. In fact, the stamp already exceeds the whopping figure of more than 380,000 likes and endless comments, including those by Paula Echevarría, Maxi Iglesias, Loles León and Pedro Alonso, among many others. The reason for this unexpected encounter has to do with the reissue of SEX on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the controversial book of photographs, that has given rise to an exhibition of those images in a well-known art gallery in Miami.

At the aforementioned meeting, the interpreter of Material Girl he surrounded himself with many familiar faces. Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía’s current partner, who precisely also maintains an excellent relationship with Úrsula Corberó, was also seen.

Úrsula Corbero crosses borders

Since approximately Ursula Corberó became one of the star guests in Jimmy Fallon’s space, in full global explosion due to the success of The Money Heist. The actress who was traveling from Los Angeles to Madrid made a stopover in London, where she went to the bathroom and, upon returning, found herself face to face with Madonna herself, who not only looked at her, but also came closer, he put one foot on his seat and told him that he was a big fan of the series and that Tokio was his favorite character.

Úrsula Corberó has greeted the media in a friendly way / Gtres

The actress, who was also part of the mythical Physics or Chemistry series, explained between laughs (and causing the presenter’s astonishment), that she did not know how to react to this unexpected situation and that it took her a long time to answer his question if he knew who he was. “Of course I know who you are, you are Madonna!” Úrsula Corberó said, still not believing what she experienced at that time.

The thing did not end there because they also exchanged telephone numbers. And less bad! Because Úrsula, with the emotion of the moment, left her passport in her seat and thanks to Madonna, who warned her with a message saying where she had left her documentation, she was able to return to Spain.

Now, it is more than clear that after that fortuitous meeting, both women have strengthened their relationship to such an extent that they have created a precious bond of friendship that they do not hesitate to display through their respective Instagram accounts, as they have done a few moments ago.


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