Up in the US Congress: Senate to decide in December


future majority Senate of state joined Decisions will be made in three key states, Arizona, snowfall Yes Georgiawhere the election result is half term It will take time to know on Tuesday, possibly even extending the uncertainty into December.

Currently, Democrats control 48 of the 100 seats in the country’s upper house, while Republicans control 49, according to CNN network forecasts. Arizona, snowfall Yes Georgia clarify.

Even so, there are means like newspapers New York Times anyone Washington post give a tie In the Senate, progressives hold 48 seats and conservatives hold 48 because they have not yet completed their AlaskaCNN predicts a Republican victory.

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On Wednesday, the media predicted the outcome of a key Wisconsin Senate seat, which Republicans won Ron Johnsonwho is running for re-election and is considered one of the most vulnerable conservatives against Democrats Mandela Barnes.

That being the case, the future of the Senate will be articulated in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, the latter destined to Second round on December 6 Because neither candidate has reached 50 percent of the vote, it’s likely that the future of the House won’t be known until next month.

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In Arizona, for example, 68% of the votes were counted, New York Times Let the Democrats lead mark Kelly Against the Republican Black Masters with 46 percent of the vote.

In Nevada, the paper noted, with 75 percent of the vote, conservatives Adam Laxo Has an edge on Catherine Cortez Masto.

according to camera shortwith 435 seats up for grabs and counting still in progress, predictions give Republicans the lead: CNN gives Democrats 203 and 187 seats, while New York Times It is estimated that the former has 204 seats, the latter has 176 seats, andWashington post 199 points for conservatives and 175 points for progressives.



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