Unpublished details of Julio Iglesias’ most uncomfortable past


Javier Santos has been trying to prove for years Julio Iglesias is his father.After years of fighting in court, he went who is my father? Speak your truth. The plan proposed by Carlota Corredera has spoken One of the most mediated testimony in television history, María Edite also contributed her version, and she tells how her life came close to real hell.

a controversial adolescence

Javier Santos His mother spent decades trying to prove Julio Iglesias’ paternity. And it’s that goal that makes the protagonist’s adolescence not the best. Javier has become a well-known figure in the media since the issue came to light, and here’s why badly smeared in social chroniclesBut not everything was there because apart from having to deal with controversies and scandals, Maria Edith’s son suffered huge bullying at school which put him through one of the worst periods of his life.

“Who is my father? Javier Santos/Telecom

As he himself put it on TV, his peers mocked him calling him “Chabeli” or “Julito”, referring to his so-called brother. “Those insults or nicknames were the softest things I heard in school. It was a hard and crazy time. I don’t really like to talk about it, but it’s a part of my life,” he began to explain, visibly moved.

It is also because of this that his only purpose is to know who his father is, so the harassment and reception of his character will never be understood. “Not only was he insulted, also beaten. They beat me, they smashed my motorcycle, or they stole it. This is ongoing bullying. My way from class to the cafeteria was full of insults and slaps.It was hell,” he said. But looking back, he made it clear: “I always thought that if my dad I would have acted differently and everything would have been different. “

“Who is my father? Javier Santos/Telecom

unpleasant encounter

During the performance, Javier Santos He recalls one of the worst moments related to Julio Iglesias’ parent-child relationship. After his mother told him the truth, the young man, At the age of 13, he attended the press conference of the singer Let Valencia stand before him. At the time, Maria’s son thought his so-called father would respect him, but he didn’t. The singer publicly stated that the child was not his, and even joked that there were hundreds of thousands of maternity clothes. This attitude deeply hurt Javier, who ran from there.

At that moment, he finds himself face to face with Julio’s father, his grandfather. “I saw my grandfather in front of me, He looked at my face and said nothing. I felt so bad, I ran out. That was traumatic for me and it was one of the hardest days of my life. I came home crying, feeling very lonely,” he recalls with a sob in his throat.

“Who is my father? Javier Santos/Telecom

but not everything is there because who is my father? It also got testimony from Julio Iglesias’ former press chief, Pastor Michelangelo, According to reports, the singer has a lot of thoughts about Javier Santos, although he never said it publicly.In addition, for the first time he told the artist and even asked himarrange a meeting with his so-called son to get to know him, but Edited by Mary He refused. At the time, the young man was underage, and his mother would not allow him to attend that meeting without her presence.

María Edite in
María Edite in “Who’s My Father?” / Telecom

how maria and julio met

The main victim of this story also participated by Charlotte SwipeWith his broken voice and the pain in his memory, he tells how he met Julio Iglesias in a famous nightclub in Sant Feliu de Guixols. A show the Portuguese woman worked there fascinated the singer: “He came into my dressing room and asked me to go for a drink, but I refused because I’m not used to going out with a man I don’t know. From any “. The next day, the singer insisted again, and she accepted: “The first night we met, we had sex, and I think it was the first night of my pregnancy.”

María Edite in
María Edite in “Who’s My Father?” / Telecom

After meeting a few times, Edited by Mary She finds out that Julio is married to Isabel Pressler, at which point she decides not to have anything to do with him anymore. A few weeks after shutting down her love story with the singer, the protagonist finds out she’s pregnant: “I want to go on the show and live the life I’ve lived, I’m a young girl, I want to be successful, travel, I found out I just destroyed After all, what am I doing alone with my child? Overnight, his life changed forever: “I went to give birth alone, left alone, and came back alone with my son”That’s it, despite the pain, Maria doesn’t regret the decision to have her son: “I’m going to go through this again for my Javi because he’s a wonderful son.”


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