Universal Loan Schedule: Why Easter Payments Will Be Delayed?


Mmillions in the United Kingdom are currently receiving Universal credit payments and these amounts are usually paid on time. However, Universal Credit payment dates may change slightly over the holidays and there will be several public holidays in the UK over the next few months, such as Easter.

If your universal loan payment date falls on a weekend, then you will not be paid money on that day for the simple reason that the banks are closed. But the good news is that the government usually guarantees that the payment will be made sooner rather than later.

What is Universal Credit’s holiday schedule for 2022?

There is no simple rule regarding the alternative date when the Universal Credit payment date falls on a holiday. But there is a list from the government that lists all these alternative dates for 2022, and it looks like this:

  • January 5 due date = January 4 actual due date.
  • March 17 due date = March 16 actual due date.
  • March 18 due date = March 17 actual due date.
  • Due April 15th = current due date April 14th.
  • Due date April 18 = current due date April 14.
  • Due date 2 May = current due date 29 April.
  • Due date 2 June = actual due date 1 June
  • Due June 3rd = Actual due date June 1st
  • Due date 12 July = actual due date 11 July.
  • Due date 13 July = actual due date 12 July.
  • Due date 1 August = actual due date 29 July.
  • Due date 2 August = actual due date 1 August.
  • Due date 29 August = actual due date 26 August.
  • Due date 26 December = actual due date 23 December.
  • Due date 27 December = actual due date 23 December.
  • Due date 28 December = actual due date 23 December.
  • Due date 29 December = actual due date 28 December.

Will Universal Credit payments be delayed due to public holidays?

There are a few instances where Universal Credit payments may be delayed due to a bank holiday, but this never applies to national holidays.

Payments are only delayed due to certain local or city holidays in the UK, and even then the delays are only one or two days. So it’s worth checking to see if your city or region has an additional local holiday that could cause Universal Credit to be delayed.


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