Unique Ideas To Turn Regular Flower Gifting Special

Flowers to make someone feel special

There are so many instances when it becomes difficult to decide on a gift to make someone feel special. On the one hand, we think of keeping it on a budget, and on the other hand, we want to make it look like a gesture of care and love.

You can always gift flowers that can make anyone feel exclusive. But then you think gifting flowers has become a decade’s old, and it won’t show your efforts. Instead, you can add a splash of decorations to make your regular flower gifting remarkable. Let’s see-how!

#1 Flowers arranged in a specific shape

Instead of gifting the same old bouquet, you can turn it into something unique and interesting by arranging it in different shapes like heart, teddy, puppies, or in the form of alphabets such as I love you, thank you, or sorry.

This will not only give a personal touch but will also make the person receiving it extra special. In addition, you can personalize it by adding flowers of your choice and keeping them in your desired size. Flowers such as roses, carnations, peony, and dahlias suit best for them.

#2 Flowers with assorted chocolates or fruits

Flowers and chocolates are the perfect gift option for giving to a female friend or someone with a sweet tooth; you can add any chocolates of your choice or pick some assorted chocolates handmade by artists. You can get both from our store.

Flowers can be accompanied by fruits when you want to give them to someone as a gesture of getting well soon, all the best or to someone of old age.

You can add fresh seasonal fruits with aesthetic flowers such as orchids, tulips, lilies, etc.

#3 Flowers accompanied with balloons.

This is a trend loved by many people. You can give your flowers a cute touch by adding different balloons available in different shapes. This is an ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries or any other special occasion. However, this can work best when surprising a kid or teenager.

#4 Different kinds of flowers but with similar colors

While gifting flowers, to add color and life to them, you can choose a variety of flowers for your bouquet. It is known from surveys that mixed flowers bouquets look more attractive than traditional same-flower bouquets. For example, you can add roses, orchids, tulips, or any flower in pink color. This will give an elegant look to your flowers. This will be a perfect gift to give your female friends on various occasions.

#5 Flowers with a gift attached

If you don’t want to gift just flowers but even want to add something to it that they can keep with them as a memory, you can attach a small gift with your bouquet. For example, you can give a simple handwritten card, a photo frame, a small piece of jewelry, or anything of your choice.

These will make a perfect gift for someone who matters the most to you, and they will always remember this special gesture of yours.


These were a few ideas by which you can make your simple flower gifting interesting by adding a mix of these fun ideas. If you are in Raleigh NC, or anywhere near, you can make this romantic flowers delivery in Raleigh NC.

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