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Based on observations of very poor quality sound systems in swimming pools, a young French company has created underwater speakers that provide perfect sound underwater. The innovation is the result of research by Ifremer, the French research institute for the development of the sea.

At the request of Ifremer, French acoustic experts developed Audio equipment Help shellfish farmers specializing in shellfish farming use sonic waves to repel the snapper stocks that are ravaging their farms. This underwater speaker system is also capable of playing all audio frequencies of underwater music.Therefore, these underwater speakers will make it possible to play concerts in swimming pools with high fidelity, according to Yoann Flavignard, one of the designers of the device, an acoustics Ph.D. Sprout Ocean’sArise.

When it diffuses underwater, sound has the peculiarity of propagation, which is slightly different than in air. In particular, sound waves travel faster underwater, he explained. This peculiarity leads us to disorientation, making it impossible for us to geolocate, for example, sound sources. When we listen underwater, we get the impression that the sound is coming directly from our head. Our underwater speakers take advantage of this phenomenon and start to feel all low frequencies and even mid frequencies directly in your body without generating too much sound level. Additionally, our prototypes and our future series conform to very low safe voltages, like any electrical equipment immersed in a swimming pool. We used very efficient technology to achieve concert-like sound levels and only 12 volts inside this enclosure. »

underwater concert

To demonstrate the performance of its underwater speakers, Ocean’sArise will hold a concert in November at the swimming pool in Couloisy, Oise.composer Olivier Florio Original compositions will be performed for the occasion, inspired by his latest album waterline.

I worked with the founder of underwater music for a long time, Michael RedoffeyI played a lot of concerts with them, said the author-composer of contemporary film music and contemporary art. It should be understood that until now loudspeakers that transmit sound underwater have suffered from some limitations, especially with regard to the diffusion of low frequencies. But this new generation of underwater speakers that produce bass opens up new aesthetic realms and new creations.I recently released an album called waterline, evoking this line of separation between air and ocean water.The proposal to hold concerts underwater is a bit like an aerial version of transposition Watlinge, in its version 100 % underwater. »

This concert is best enjoyed underwater and is accompanied by sea ballet. But many other applications for these underwater speakers are expected. Audio repellent for marine predators, aquatic health speakers that will play soothing super bass sounds.and new sonar type It will use a very low frequency so as not to disturb the underwater fauna.

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