Under the Queen’s Umbrella Released Today on Netflix.

Under the Queen's Umbrella Released Today on Netflix.

The first look revealed by Under the Queen’s Umbrella is of a Queen who is stubbornly fighting to save her reputation and her children. The explanation for why he acted this way has now emerged.

For the Queen, raising the Crown Prince is a challenge in itself. He should do his job with dignity so that his children’s lessons are not questioned. She successfully raises her eldest son, the new King, and is the mother of five sons. The other three of his four sons are unmotivated and extremely lethargic.

He starts to annoy the other sons because he gets frustrated trying to explain things to them. The Supreme Leader remains his pride, but only until the day he finds out that he has a disease caused by a lack of blood.

The disease also took the life of the former Crown Prince. She looks for a solution in every way because she is afraid of losing her child. If the Supreme Leader dies, his status at court could potentially be in jeopardy.

Plot Details Under The Queen’s Umbrella


The ruling elite is constantly harassed by the troublesome princes living in the palaces and preparing to become legitimate heirs. However, as opposed to exuding an air of grace and grace, she is a spiky, prickly and edgy queen.

He was even more relieved as everyone continued to offend him. A princess who occasionally humiliates and even swears! She faces challenges every day of her life, but she perseveres because she loves her children.

This Korean drama takes us through the problems and obstacles faced by the ladies of the Joseon era, especially when it comes to the problems of the crown.

He does this by imagining the stance of women living in that period. In most countries, monarchs often seem to take the initiative and allow women to orient themselves to needs or focus on the development of their future offspring.

Release date

Under the Queen's Umbrella
South China Morning Post

The first episode of The Under the Queen’s Umbrella will premiere on Netflix on November 12, 2022. There will be 16 episodes in total, and two will air every Saturday and Sunday. Coming on Sunday, December 4, 2022, it’s just the finale.

This Korean play explores the difficulties faced by women of the Joseon dynasty, especially in matters related to the crown. He achieves this by portraying the posture of women who existed at the time. In most countries, kings typically take the lead, leaving women to focus on meeting the needs of the household or raising their future children.


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