Unbearable, pedantic and pointless experiments are not cinema


Presented at BCN Film Fest in Barcelona GuiltNew film Ibon Cormenzanaproducer and director, expert in the study of human feelings in extreme situations, as we recently saw in Vertex or years before joy sadness.

However, this time it didn’t work. AT Vertex the viewer perfectly understands the reasons that make the heroes of Javier Rey and Patricia Lopez Arnais risk their lives in the mountains, as in joy sadness includes Roberto Alamo’s descent into hell. Problem Guilt is decision making by the protagonist, the victim traumatic rape.

Anna at such a difficult timeManuela Velles) decides to retire to a mountain hut. Panicking that she can’t handle her situation, she loses relationships with her family, boyfriend, and friends. Shame, pain and guilt will accompany her in a few months, during which she will hate her body and the child that appeared as a result of the mentioned sexual abuse.

Andrew Arconadacritic digital freedom D radio, explain that Guilt “This deeply disappointed me” and even became “very annoying.” During the presentation of the film to the public and critics, the director noted that this was an experiment. “Experiments should not reach the cinema“, he explains, as it “removes the screens”. Experiments like this are “bad for the public, who, unfortunately, don’t go to cinemas much, because they can force them to leave the hall.”

After being raped, Anna decides to isolate herself from the world in a cabin where we will witness “the complete madness of this woman without getting too much explanation for very obvious things.” In the middle of the film, “one wonders where this director will lead, who saves the film thanks to Manuela Velles’ interpretation.”

The actress, notes Arconada, is “gorgeous and seems to understand the character very well.” However, “it’s a movie that doesn’t even get to the point of debate, because when it starts, you realize that the arguments are falling from the very beginning of this story.”

In short, he believes that these risky bets “shouldn’t be released in theaters because it’s not good for the movie or for the audience.”


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