UN suspends Russia’s seat on Human Rights Council after Bukha massacre of civilians


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The United Nations country decided on Thursday to suspend Russia’s participation in the Human Rights Council in response to alleged abuses it committed in Ukraine.At the initiative of the United States and its allies, the United Nations General Assembly Passed the measure with 93 votes in favor24 votes against and 58 abstentions.

In Butcha, just over 40 kilometers from Kyiv, more than 400 civilians are estimated to have been killed by Russian forces. The documented carnage that Russia intends to stay away from, sees it as a “setup” by the West. In addition, the Kremlin even stated that the corpses were actors or even dolls whose sole purpose was to destroy its international image. Something they can’t avoid.

U.S. and allies argue that Russia cannot remain on the council as it is now “Subvert all basic principles” The UN invaded Ukraine and carried out a massacre of its civilians.

Since the creation of the Human Rights Council 16 years ago, only Libya Muammar Gaddafi was suspended. In this case, it was a response to the 2011 crackdown on protests. A few months later, Gaddafi was dead and Libya was readmitted.

A two-thirds majority in the General Assembly is required for Russia to temporarily withdraw from the Security Council, a requirement that has been exceeded. However, the proposal has received less support than previous resolutions against Moscow approved by the United Nations since the invasion of Ukraine began.

Twenty-four countries voted against it, including Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua and Syria.

Meanwhile, 58 countries chose to abstain, including Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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