UN rejects Spanish decision on Sahara:


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United Nations rejectedSpanish government announced Support the Moroccan Autonomy Program as a solution to disputes Western Sahara. The international organization recalled that the United Nations-driven political process.

UN spokesman Effie asked, Stephen Dujarric, Further urges all stakeholders to support the efforts of the Personal Envoy for the Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, “to restart the political processNegotiations between parties to a conflict.

The spokesman only confirmed that he saw “Proclamation of the Spanish Government on Morocco and Western Sahara”, He did not want to comment, but added later that de Mistura was “still in touch with relevant interlocutors”, also said to be linked to Spain.

The most important part of the declaration is that the United Nations “reaffirms the importance of (all parties) maintaining their full commitment to the political process promoted by the United Nations, consistent with Resolution 2602 (2021)”.

It was the last resolution approved by the Security Council in October last year, in which it pledged to “A realistic, feasible and durable solution acceptable to all parties and based on compromise” and “provide within the prescribed framework the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination in accordance with the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations”.

Moroccan ambassador returns

The Spanish government’s attitude towards the Sahara took a turn last Friday, when its chief executive, Pedro Sanchez, to King Mohammed VI of Morocco A message that, among other things, Morocco’s plan for Saharan self-government, proposed in 2007, was said to be the “most serious, realistic and credible basis” for resolving the crisis, in line with the Rabat outline.

Following that statement, the Moroccan ambassador Karima Benjaci, Depend on His government held consultations in May last year, He returned to Madrid on Sunday, but in return, the Algerian government called the country’s ambassador on Saturday to protest Spain’s shift in attitude.

Gary: “It’s embarrassing”

The Sanchez government’s reaction to the announcement came quickly.leader of the polisario front Brahim Galli, qualified as “Pity and shame” Spanish decision on the Sahara.

“It’s unfortunate and shameful because It’s illegal and immoral and assume a a flagrant violation of international law,” Ghali said in a statement on Algerian TV collected by Saharan news agency SPS. Likewise, he accused Spain of “unilaterally evading its international obligations as the occupying power of the territory”.

Galli emphasizes “Western Sahara is not Moroccan In accordance with international law and decisions on their sovereignty, they reside entirely in the Saharan people, led by their only legitimate representative, the Frente POLISARIO.”

In this sense, Galli expressed “surprise” at the “strange” stance of the Spanish government, although he stressed that “the legal nature of the conflict will not change, nor will it affect the will of the Saharan people “to continue their struggle”.

Just this Sunday, the Frente POLISARIO reported in its War Report No. 488 an attack on Moroccan troops in Akwera Uld Abelal in the Mabes region, which resulted in “Losses and Casualties” of the Moroccan Army.


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