Ukrainian soldiers complete horrific video of Russians: ‘They’re not even human’


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A sort of very original video Shows Ukrainian soldiers killing Russian invaders after capturing them. New York Times Its authenticity has been verified. The incidents, which occurred around March 30 in a village west of Kyiv, are helping the Kremlin try to balance local destruction and carnage. Mariupol or Buddha.

“Look, he’s alive. (…) He’s gasping for breath,” said one man as a Russian soldier lay wounded on the road with a coat over his head, apparently still breathing. He was then hit twice but kept moving. Take the third shot, the last shot.

On that road, there were at least three other Russian soldiers, recognizable by their white armbands, all lying in a pool of blood. One of his hands was tied behind his back and his head was split open from the impact. “They’re not even human,” one of the men, from Ukraine, was heard.

A few meters away, an infantry fighting vehicle BMD-2 used by the Russian airborne forces, similar to those seen on the streets of several occupied cities. There are more vehicles in the distance, destroyed.

“A precise job”

This era The image was placed in Dmytrivka, about 11 kilometers southwest of Bukha, where the war brought its harshest images to the world, and is the strongest evidence of war. war crimes The international community pointed out Vladimir Putin.

Newspapers put their date around March 30, when Russia was withdrawing its troops from the town west of Kyiv. Ukrainian troops raided the Russian column with an ambush. The prestigious newspaper has been working to verify the images since they were posted on Twitter by journalists on April 2. Freelancers British Lebanese Ozzy Cartage.

On its social network, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense showed its mind to the operation, calling it “precise work”. A local news agency blamed it on the “Georgian Legion,” a paramilitary unit of Georgian volunteers trained to fight for Ukraine.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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