Ukraine’s terrifying Chechen triangle: more than 400 civilians killed less than 50km from Kyiv

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“There are sources that civilian casualties may be higher in Borodyanka and some other liberated Ukrainian cities.” This shows President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky. A comparison was made with the city of Bha, where the worst pictures of the war were seen, with civilian corpses on the ground.

Borodyanka is only 25 kilometers from Bha and 51 kilometers from the country’s capital, Kyiv.Withdrawal of Russian troops exposed The atrocities they committed against the Ukrainian peopleunarmed and with no choice in the face of the relentless bullets of Vladimir Putin’s army.

The departure of the Russian soldiers allowed journalists to enter Butcha. Mayor of Bha, Anatoly FedorukHe showed a Reuters team two corpses with white cloths tied around their arms, which he said Chechen fighters forced residents to wear.

Infographics of three Ukrainian cities.

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Chechen army led by warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, comes into play during the first few days of the invasion. directly related to the Kremlin, ten thousand soldiers They agreed to follow in Putin’s footsteps in what they considered a “jihad.”

Specifically, on February 26, Kadyrov said in a statement that Chechen forces would fight in Ukraine Part of “Russian Special Military Operation”published two days ago.

Ukrainian and Western intelligence sources say there may be as many as seven Russian troops in Bukha, Including two other Chechen paramilitaries. This paramilitary group has in the past been charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity for its activities in its territory and Syria.

According to Zelinsky, the Chechens committed the same atrocities in Borodyanka as they did in Butcha.intelligence information Point to the same in Makarif.

These troops are quick response special forces (SOBR) and another paramilitary agency known as OMON, which are not under the direct control of the Russian Navy but are often deployed by the Kremlin to spearhead the most brutal attacks.

Makarif case

Makarif is one of the cities in Ukraine that has been restored. “The adversary was forced to retreat to the border,” General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine On March 22, they took control of the city.

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Makarif Mayor Vadim Tokar made it clear through his Telegram channel that no one should try to travel to nearby towns. Neither Kalivka nor Lypivka are. away from it to Irpin, heavily bombed by Russian planes.

Makarif and two other cities, forming a triangle near Kyiv Where Russia committed its worst war crimes. Everything shows that in this territory, 53 kilometers from the capital, crimes have also been committed at the hands of Chechnya.

It is the city with the highest number of civilian casualties since the end of February, according to a Ukrainian army spokesman. Attorney General of Ukraine, Irina VenediktovaAccording to reports, the Ukrainian army recently recovered areas in the Kyiv region, mainly Butcha, Boroyanka and Makarif, a total of 410 bodies were counted.

“So far, the bodies of civilians killed in the Kyiv region from April 1 to 3 have been removed, including 140 people have been reviewed by prosecutors and other experts”, explained Venediktova in an official statement posted on Facebook.

Butcha’s crime

A row of burnt tanks can be seen at the entrance to Bucha, a symbol of Russia’s defeat at the gates of Kyiv, but also The scene of the alleged war crimes A massacre that shocked the world before there were constant trails of civilian corpses in streets, basements and mass graves.

On Tuesday, emergency services had lifted up the six bodies they found Monday night in the courtyard of a residential area on the outskirts of the injured city. They still need to be identified. but they correspond to a child, three women and two men. It is not known if they are relatives or neighbors.

“After analyzing the bodies, we believe they were killed and burned. At least two people were shot in the back of the neck. This is a crime committed by the Russians as they passed through Kyiv,” he told Eph Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police, Andrei Nebitovfrom where the body was found.

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Since the city was liberated from Russian troops last weekend, they found Some 200 civilians killed in Bhasome were handcuffed and shot in the neck, others wore white cloths to indicate they were unarmed.

Dozens of bodies in the middle of the street have been removed – some members are still torn to pieces on the ground – but apart from dozens, bodies continue to be found in basements or on the patio of houses. Already in a mass grave.The neighbors themselves buried them like this in the siege Because the cemetery is within range of the Russians.

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