Ukraine warns of Chernobyl radiation leak risk after power runs out


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Ukraine nuclear power plant Chernobyl she stayed no electricity due to Russian army attack, As the Ukrenergo National Energy Company was established this Wednesday.Ukraine issues a warning radiation leakage risk If the situation continues.

“Due to the hostilities of the Russian occupiers, Chernobyl nuclear power plant There is no electricity at all,” the Ukrainian operator said in information collected by the Ukrinform agency.

“The battle continues, so for now Unable to carry out repair work and restore power”Added state companies.

The energy company pledged to monitor the situation closely and notify the plant, the protagonist of the largest nuclear accident in European history, if there is any change in the situation.

According to the Kyiv government, the Russian army Violation of radiation safety requirements When he occupied the nuclear power plant, it was right next to the so-called exclusion zone.

Move in from February 24th

IAEA – UN nuclear agency – Director General Rafael Grossi yesterday Employee stress and fatigue Serving this old facility, it has not been rotated since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Gressi made these statements after the Ukrainian regulator notified the IAEA 210 technicians and guards The people who have been working there since the Russian army took control nearly two weeks ago were unable to rotate and “their situation is getting worse”.

Due to the radioactivity of the 1986 accident, the former nuclear power plant is located in an exclusion zone, including decommissioned reactors and radioactive waste facilities.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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