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Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking directly to the Security Council for the first time since the start of the Ukrainian war on Tuesday, April 5, demanded that the international community recognize Russia’s war crimes and that Russia cannot use its veto on issues related to the fact that it is an aggressor of war — At the same time, it is implied that the United Nations will no longer be relevant without a radical overhaul of maintaining global security.

Looking somber through the videoconference, the Ukrainian president immediately got to the heart of the matter — the discovery of bodies in Butcha, near Kyiv, over the weekend. He assured diplomats that civilians were tortured, shot in the back of the head, thrown into wells, blown up by grenades thrown into apartments and run over by tanks.

They cut limbs, throats, tongues. Woman gang-raped in front of child, Volodymyr Zelensky was introduced in detail to the diplomat. Boutcha is just one example of many – the world has yet to discover the terrible truth. »

It is crucial for the Ukrainian president to determine Russia’s responsibility as soon as possible: he calls for an independent international investigation to let the leaders and performers “Immediately brought to justice for war crimes”and organized a Nuremberg-style trial of 24 key leaders of Nazi Germany.

Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia confirmed after watching videos of brutal, emaciated, charred bodies that under Russian occupation, “Nobody in Boutcha has ever been subjected to violence”. and resumed the course of the Kremlin strike for a few days: these images will be “deal with” In the case of Kyiv, extortion and looting are “Ukrainian extremists”.

Russian “filter camp”

When the U.S. representative mentioned the second cold wave in the Security Council “Filter Camp” In Russia, tens of thousands of Ukrainians, including children, were reportedly forcibly removed. “Reports indicate that Russian Federation security agents are confiscating passports and ID cards, mobile phones, and separating families, Detail of Linda Thomas-Greyfield. What these so-called “filter camps” remind us of is beyond me. Chilling. We cannot ignore it. »

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