Ukraine war, live: Ukrainian negotiators announce possible meeting between Zelensky and Putin; Ukraine calls for liberation of ‘entire Kyiv region’ – zimo news


Thousands of people demonstrated in the Swiss capital Bern on Saturday to demand an end to Russia’s devastating war in Ukraine, despite an unusual snowstorm this season. According to organizers, about 10,000 of them marched, forming a forest of Ukrainian blue and yellow flags and a rainbow of peace movements.

“I am Russian and I am against war. Putin is a murderer”or “I’m Russian and I support Ukraine”which can be read on placards. ‘We are all Ukrainian civilians’read a banner held by a woman heading to the seat of the Swiss government and parliament.

‘We need everyone to stand in solidarity with us’explains Hanna Perekhoda, Ukrainian student at the University of Lausanne and member of the Swiss-Ukrainian Support Committee. “Ukraine protects Europe, democracy and the world against Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian dictatorshipshe told AFP. The Russian oligarchs have their money in Swiss banks in Switzerland, so Switzerland is a key location to stop the war. »

Organizers said the purpose of the rally was to push Switzerland to take an active part in efforts to secure a ceasefire and the full withdrawal of Russian troops. Demonstrators also demanded more support for Ukrainian refugees, new sanctions on Russia and reduced imports.

Switzerland is not part of the European Union and has a long tradition of neutrality. Still, the country remains in line with the EU’s decision to impose sanctions on Russian individuals. The Alpine country said last month that it had frozen the equivalent of 5.75 billion Swiss francs ($6.2 billion) in Russian assets since the invasion began. But Kyiv has pressured Switzerland, prized by Russia’s vast wealth, to go further.

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