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As we explained earlier in the morning, Moscow city councilor Alexei Gorinov was sentenced to seven years in prison on Friday for condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The elected official had, during a session of the city council in mid-March, described the conflict in Ukraine as “war”and not “Special Military Operations”, as the official term dictates. Asking his colleagues to observe a minute’s silence, the MP also mentioned the deaths of Ukrainian children, which according to the judge did not match the information provided by the Russian Defense Ministry at a daily news briefing.

Investigators also accuse Gorinov of calling Russia “Fascist State” But the prosecution’s own experts concluded during the trial that those words were not spoken. On the other hand, the judge insisted that the deputy representative’s opinion on the conflict was falsified. “Through group discussions”which makes it possible to propose a conspiracy.

“Without a sentence of deprivation of liberty it is impossible to restore the accused”, estimated the magistrate was in the penal colony before sentenced him to seven years in prison. This trained lawyer, elected independent deputy in 2017, will then be banned from exercising public functions for another four years.

Alexei Gorinov appeared in his glass cage, waving a sign: “Do you still need this war? » The police hid themselves and the people who came to support the politician were evacuated from the room. When the sentence was announced, his wife tearfully asked him not to reply to any of her letters to him. “So as not to waste too much time”.

July 7, in its tradition “Last Words” In court, he specifically stated: “War is the fastest tool to dehumanize human beings. When the lines between good and evil are blurred, the result is always death. I will not accept it. » He also challenged the judges: “It is now the fifth month of the war. We have the promise of victory and glory, but why are so many of my compatriots ashamed and guilty? Boutcha, Irpine, Gostomel, do these names mean anything to you? »

Since Russian troops entered Ukraine, authorities have passed a series of laws that impose up to 15 years in prison for those who speak out against the war.Thousands of cases pending “Spreading false information” or “smear” armed forces. However, the vast majority of convictions are limited to fines. Mr Gorinov’s sentence was the harshest to date. The verdict also comes as Moscow prepares for September’s municipal elections. Incumbent MPs and moderate opposition figures previously considered loyal have been removed through various legal processes.

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