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Ukraine war: In Dnipro, civil society groups support Ukrainian army – zimo news

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In the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, civil society is organizing to support the war. Volunteers converted an apartment into a storage center. Reporting by Karim Yahiaoui and Mohamed Farhat.

In the city of Dnipro, an apartment was converted into a storage center in support of the war. “Our goal is to help those in hotspots,” explains volunteer Lina Triegoub. In the labyrinth of this place, you can find everything: food, medicine, hygiene items, clothes, which are then delivered by drivers to besieged towns in eastern Ukraine.

Since February 24, Ukrainian towns and villages have mobilized entire populations to help civilians and support war efforts. Two soldiers stationed near Dnipro airfield destroyed by Russian airstrikes paid tribute to the work done. “Volunteers play a vital role,” soldier Ivan said. The soldiers felt the moral and psychological support of the people. »

Numerous material supply networks also make a huge contribution to supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the Dnipro storage center there are bullet vests, stretchers and even rifle scopes. “All my relatives joined the army,” explained one of the volunteers, Ksenja Petrovich. That’s why I’m here. If I’m useless here, I’ll join the army too. »

The commitment of these volunteers partly explains the country’s resilience since the conflict began.

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