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The fighting took place in Kiev on Friday, February 25, a day after Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine, now under Western sanctions himself, also fears he is fighting for his Ukrainian rival Vladimir The fate reserved by Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the case of the Atlantic Alliance, it has begun deploying members of its response force to be able to respond quickly to any eventuality that may arise. “Ukrainian troops are fighting valiantly and are able to wreak havoc on the Russian troops who invaded them”, said its secretary general Jens Stoltenberg.Meanwhile, Ukraine’s president said he had discussed a “Concrete Defense Assistance”.

  • Russia vetoes UN resolution condemning ‘aggression’ in Ukraine

As expected, Russia vetoed a resolution co-authored by the United States and Albania in a UN Security Council vote on Friday night “Strongest Terms” his “Invasion of Ukraine” and asked him to quit ” Instantly” His army came from this country.

Eleven of the fifteen Council members voted in favour of the text, with three abstaining: China, India and the United Arab Emirates.The project was softened hours before the election ” To ensure that the” Abstaining and preventing the three countries from voting against it, according to one diplomat. Therefore, the proposed text no longer includes the word “condemnation” and replaces it with “condemnation”. Reference to the possible use of force under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter has also been removed.

  • Putin calls on Ukrainian army to seize power

But the Russian president seems determined to continue his offensive and achieve regime change in Ukraine.On Friday, he described members of the Ukrainian head of state’s team as “poison” and “Neo-Nazi”. “Take the power in your hands!” »he launched to the address of Ukrainian soldiers. “In my opinion, it will be easier to negotiate between you and me”he added.

As a sign of defiance, Washington fears he will become “Cruel Act”posted a video on social networks showing him in the street, claiming to be still in Kiev and determined to “defend” Ukraine.

Hours later, he also estimated that Russian troops would continue their offensive and capture Kiev at night, while fighting in the capital continued. “We cannot lose our capital. I speak to our defenders from all sides: tonight the enemy will use all their might to break through our defences in the most vile, cruel and inhuman way. Tonight they will try to seize live Kiev, he said in a video address posted on the president’s website.

Russia had demanded the surrender of Ukrainian troops “negotiation”, also said it was ready to hold a meeting with the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.It is not ‘Not real diplomacy’commented on the US State Department.

  • First Russian troops enter Kiev

On the ground of the operation, the first Russian troops entered northern Kiev on Friday, causing casualties there. In the Oblon district, AFP saw a civilian killed on the sidewalk as paramedics rescued another prisoner from the wreckage of a car crushed by an armoured vehicle.

Ukrainians also reported clashes in two places 40 to 80 kilometers north of the capital. Russian troops are also approaching Kiev from the northeast and east, they said.

“Last night they started shelling civilian communities. It reminds us [l’offensive nazie de] 1941 »put down Mr. Zelensky on Friday morning and pronounced the phrase in Russian, indicating that it was for the Russians.

he greets“heroism” At least 137 people were killed and 316 wounded on the Ukrainian side, according to a report at noon on Thursday.and make sure the soldiers are doing “their possible” Protect the country. The Ukrainian president also called on experienced Europeans to come and fight in Ukraine.

  • Thousands of Ukrainians displaced by fighting

As the conflict may be the worst in Europe since 1945, some 100,000 people have been displaced and 50,000 have left Ukrainian territory, the United Nations regrets and calls for action “Unobstructed” for humanitarian aid.

The invasion brought tens of thousands of Ukrainians to the streets, who flocked to the EU’s borders – especially Poland, Hungary and Romania.

  • EU and UK personally sanction Putin

President Zelensky criticizes Europeans for being too slow to support Ukraine and calls on those who support Ukraine “Battle Experience” Come and fight with the Ukrainians. His Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a NATO member, has also criticized the EU and the Atlantic alliance for inaction.

For now, the Western camp is focused on tightening sanctions on Russia after Russia restricted its access to financial markets and technology. But the EU’s 27 countries have not excluded Russia from the international banking system.

The European Union and Britain, which have banned Russian private jets from their airspace, have also imposed sanctions on Vladimir Putin himself and his foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov.

Russian diplomacy describes a measure as “Absolute helplessness” However, the U.S. is preparing to do the opposite — even considering banning them from its territory — just like Canada.In this case, Moscow estimates relations with the West are close “The Road of No Return”.

Other retaliatory measures: Russia has been suspended from participating in the European Commission body, and the OECD has closed the door to its membership.

  • Sports, culture… Russia is excluded

The Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 2 in Sochi, in the country’s southwest, has been canceled. The Champions League final, originally scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg, was moved to the Stade de France near Paris on May 2.

The IOC Executive Board has urged all international sports federations to cancel or reschedule any events in Russia or Belarus. Russia has also been banned from participating in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Stocks are recovering, raw materials are at their highest levels

Commodities remain high after Thursday’s surge, with Brent crude over $100 a barrel, although U.S. WTI has returned to around $95. Russia is a major exporter of oil, natural gas, wheat and other raw materials.

Major global stock markets are recovering from Thursday’s rout, but markets remain volatile.

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