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A truck carrying 1.5 tons of dog and cat food (collected in partnership with the Mars-Petcare and Virbac brands) and veterinary care equipment will depart from the Tuilerie shelter (77). Destination: Ukrainian border. The operation is fully funded by the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Veterinarians Dr. Pierre Huberdeau and Michel Dobosz volunteered to hit the road and distribute aid to those most in need.

Activate the signal! With the support of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, in partnership with the Mars-Petcare® Group and the Virbac® brand, a utility vehicle will be on its way to the Ukrainian border. There is more than a ton of dog and cat kibble on board, as well as veterinary care equipment. Driving two volunteers: Dr. Pierre Huberdeau, a veterinarian at the Paris Botanic Gardens (National Museum of Natural History) and the National Veterinary College (EnvA) in the Paris region, Alfort, and his friend Michel Dobosz, communication officer at the Paris Bar.

Help refugees and animals left in Ukraine

More than 900,000 animals were either abandoned in Ukraine or relocated with refugee families.
Dr. Pierre Huberdeau, Veterinary

The group also had a passenger… from canines: Mr. Dobosz’s dog, a Creole sheepdog adopted from a shelter, used to travel with his owner to Poland. ” Pierre and I, we just met while walking the dog Moonlight Master – The smile known as “Moonie”. The two friends are now reunited through a common mission to help animals left in Ukraine and animals of refugees. ” Over 900,000 animals were either abandoned or moved with their families to neighbouring countriesblowing veterinarian. I chose this career to help all animals, so it would be an even greater honor if I could put my skills to work for the human and animal victims of this war. »

While Michel Dobosz was in charge of the logistical aspects of the trip, Dr. Pierre Huberdeau collected a large amount of veterinary equipment from his colleagues (see photo below): ” over 300 People responded within minutes of the social media post. The young Falun Gong practitioner also got in touch with trusted counterparts who will receive this precious shipment upon arrival. On the Polish side, therefore, Professor Wojciech Niżański, Head of the Veterinary Department of the Wroclaw University of Science and a member of the Polish Small Animal Veterinary Association, will ensure the reallocation of aid to refugees with animals. On the Ukrainian side, three doctors and professors from Lviv University of Veterinary Medicine – members of the Ukrainian Small Animal Veterinary Association – will provide assistance to shelters located in war zones, where conditions are critical due to shortages.

30 Million Friends Foundation Continues to Mobilize in the Field

Given the catastrophic situation, our actions will be long-term.
Reha Hutin, President, 30 Million Friends Foundation

From the first day of the conflict, the Foundation 30 Millions of friends mobilized to find all means to help animals and their families in Ukraine.Therefore, we provided two emergency aids to a veterinarian in Romania in order to Provide food, vaccines and ID for refugee dogs and catsexplains Reha Hutin. We are now continuing to act locally. Given the catastrophic situation for animals in Ukraine, our action will be a long-term one. » « If we are able to respond to emergencies in this way, it is thanks to the generosity of our donors. », Stressing the President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

Dr. Huberdeau thought ” Thanks to the 30 Million Friends Foundation and its incredible participation » for the organization of projects, and « veterinary profession ” and” All who support this process. “As soon as the aid arrives on the scene, the two friends are not going to stop there.” Like Pierre, I took a week off.I will go back to Warsaw (Polish capital, editor’s note) Participate in humanitarian volunteering. Because, so far, Poland has hosted 2.5 Millions of refugees – out of three Millions of people who fled Ukraine », emphasizing Mr. Dobosz. ” I plan to stay there for a week to provide veterinary care for the refugee animals. said Dr. Huberdeau.

A long journey across Europe

But for now, the volunteers are focusing on their long journey ahead. ” First we are at 15th Capital District, and then we went to the National Museum of Natural History to collect the veterinary equipment that Pierre collected. Then we head to Vault 30 Millions of Friends of the Tuileries (77) awaited most of our load, which is to say croquettes for dogs and cats. This is the beginning of our “real” journey.But the road is good, and most importantly, the morale is good ! Mr. Dobosz said with a smile.

The convoy will depart from the Seine-Marne, via Metz to eastern France, before crossing the border with Germany in Saarbrücken. The volunteers will then travel to Nuremberg, where they will stop, and then along the German-Czech border near Dresden. After entering Poland via the city of Görlitz, they will travel along road 4 to the city of Wroclaw, where they will unload part of the cargo originally intended for the refugees. Finally, they will continue to the Ukrainian border. ” we may not be able to get past it (Foreigners are not allowed to enter Ukrainian territory, editor’s note)but we will connect with our Ukrainian contacts “, to designate Michelle. All told, more than ten hours of driving – interspersed with stops – awaited them!

To follow the volunteers’ progress as closely as possible, follow the 30 Million Friends Foundation on social networks: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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