Ukraine trades pro-Russian Medvechuk for 215 prisoners: 108 are “heroes” of Azov battalion


Ukraine and Russia agree to exchange 215 Ukrainian prisons Pro-Russian politician and oligarch close to Vladimir Putin Victor Medvechuk, was arrested in Kyiv a few months ago.have been released The “heroes” of the Azov camp 10 hostages of other nationalities.

President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskypraising the exchange of Ukrainian prisoners for pro-Russian Viktor Medvechuk tonight: “Exchange 200 Warriors for one of our Russian fans… This is a good result. This is clearly a victory for our country and society. “

For the Ukrainian government, this is “Most Powerful Results” Regarding the release of prisoners since the beginning of the invasion.

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Russian oligarch and politician Viktor Medvechuk.

Azov Camp 108

Of the 215 prisoners released, 108 belonged to the Azvov battalion, As confirmed by the head of the President’s Office, Andre Yermak.The rest are 10 foreign volunteers And military personnel from the Ukrainian National Guard and other formations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Among the freed Ukrainian prisoners were a hundred members of the Azov Battalion who held out for more than 80 days at the Azov Starr steel plant in Mariupol, including its main commander, Dennis Prokopenko, Redis, and others considered Ukrainian “heroes” such as Yevni Bova Yes Lev Pashko.

Of the 215 released, according to Zelensky, 108 are the “heroes” of Azovstal And Mariupol’s resistance itself.

three pregnant women

Three women arrested while pregnant have also been released, in Zelensky’s words, “Defenders” Maryana Mamonova, Yana Shumovetska and Anastasiya Chernenka.

Almost all liberated Ukrainians are already on Ukrainian territory, except Five commanders of the Azov regimentaccording to an earlier agreement with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Turkey “under your personal guarantee of protection”.

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Ten prisoners who were foreign volunteers have been sent to Saudi Arabia, from where they will be returned to their countries of origin.its about Five British citizens, two American citizens, One is from Morocco, one is from Sweden and one is from Croatia.

“The enemy sentenced them to long prison terms or death. We saved their lives, and they will all return home through Saudi mediation. I sincerely thank all those who helped them!” Zelensky once said.

Who is Victor Medvechuk

Russian politician and oligarch Victor Medvechuk Arrested April 12 outside of Kyiv.

For more than two decades, people have been considering The Kremlin’s main agent in influencing Ukrainian politicsespecially in the Donbass.

Medvechuk, 67, for many Ukrainians “traitor” Standing out for its close relationship with Russia, we must add that in recent years it has been The main enemy of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Medvedchuk is well known “Putin’s friend” It was the Russian leader who was godfather to one of his daughters, and the ceremony took place in St. Petersburg.

As head of the Ukrainian presidential palace (2002-2004), he coordinated secret cooperation between Moscow and Kyiv, interrupted by the Orange Revolution, a pair of Kremlins who supported the election of pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych It was a setback for the palace.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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