Ukraine lives up to Putin’s order: prepare 250,000 soldiers to let civilians defend themselves


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President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky,Unbearable. At a security conference in Munich over the weekend, he warned his allies — the United States, NATO and the European Union — that it was time to abandon his “appeasement” policy toward Moscow. And the last straw that broke the camel’s patience was the approval of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinpro-Russian republic Donetsk and Luhansk As independents and subsequently dispatched “peace forces”.

In light of these latest events, Zelensky decided not to wait for his partner but to take the initiative.ordered Nationwide state of emergency A call to reservists has been ordered, which began this Wednesday and is aimed at adults between the ages of 16 and 60. The Verkhovna Rada passed a bill on the rights of civilians to own guns.

Zelensky’s national security adviser, Oleksi Danilov, said the reservist call-up initially affected 36,000 soldiers with combat experience. The Ukrainian National Guard and Border Control have activated another 10,000 reservists. To their base we must add the Ukrainian army of 200,000 uniformed troops.According to reports Wall Street Journalthe conscripts will not go to the front line at first, but will conduct training exercises with new weapons Driven by the United States and other allies. The new arsenal includes the Javelin anti-tank missile and the Stinger model surface-to-air missile.

Members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces conduct military exercises in Donetsk.


“I hope there is no mass invasion. I hope our military is strong enough to keep Russia in the east of the country. “Reservist Oleksii Radziyevskyy, 39, said he usually drives an Uber and now waits for his tank unit to call him. “Of course my wife is upset about it, but what can I do? This is our land, this is our home,” Razievsky told the American newspaper.

Ukraine’s parliament voted for the government to allocate public funds to the armed forces without approval from the legislature. In recent months, Kiev has focused on organizing territorial defense forces, including part-time soldiers, who can be mobilized in the event of war.In addition to these units, according to the newspaper’s data Wall Street Journal, About 700,000 Ukrainians hold weapons licenses and have the right to defend their country against Russian threats.

“Armed Raid”

Still no war, Putin denies he is invading Ukraine, but even the US president, Joe Bidenstart invading He worries that the Kremlin is planning to take over the country.

Ukraine’s State Security and Defense Council (CSND) has established a nationwide state of emergency after considering Russia’s recognition of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk as “armed aggression”.

first Implementation of a state of emergencywill last 30 days and can be extended, won’t drastically change the lives of Ukrainiansalthough according to Danilov, “If necessary, martial law can be imposed immediately. We are prepared for anything.”

In addition, Ukraine has again asked the West to impose more sanctions on Russia to stop Putin from continuing aggression.

Ukrainian soldiers conduct military exercises.

Ukrainian soldiers conduct military exercises.


“We call on our partners to impose more sanctions on Russia now,” the foreign minister tweeted. Dmitry Kuraba.

China’s position

Meanwhile, China said on Wednesday, “Sanctions are ineffective” Address the issue by commenting on the condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk.

“China has always adhered to the position that sanctions cannot effectively solve the problem, and opposes unilateral punishment. China will not impose unilateral sanctions on Russia. “Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in response to a question about sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.

“You have to wonder what role the U.S. played in the Ukraine crisis,” Hua said, adding that “it is irresponsible to accuse others of setting fires and adding fuel to the fire.” So far, Beijing’s official position has been that, All parties to the crisis should “resolve their differences through dialogue and negotiation”.


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