Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the war launched a missile attack on the territory of Russia


TThis frightening new development of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as President Volodymyr Zelensky has not yet decided on a direct attack on Russian territory. That all changed on Friday morning when two Ukrainian helicopters entered Belgorod airspace to conduct a direct attack. The images began to surface online as rocket attacks hit one of the country’s largest oil depots. After the impact, up to eight fuel tanks began to burn uncontrollably, which led to another environmental disaster in the area. Another 16 fuel tanks remain at risk, the fires are not controlled. The Russian government has not yet responded to this attack, for which the whole world is waiting.

There are also images of two Mi-24 helicopters carrying out the attack early Friday morning. With only three strikes, retaliation against the backdrop of all the destruction inflicted in Ukraine is completed. This is the first time that President Zelensky has made a direct decision to invade Russian airspace in a deliberate strike. It is also a direct response to the intensification of attacks on the Donbass that Russia has been carrying out for the past 24 hours. Specific operations in Lugansk and Donetsk at this time were permanent. Zelensky got fed up and decided to attack.

How can Vladimir Putin respond to this attack?

This is largely a direct provocation by a man who has been acting erratically over the past year. If Insert further offended by what has just happened, Russia may well step up its own missile strikes against the Ukrainian population. The whole world is watching as the story continues to unfold over the weekend. I hope this does not escalate even more than it has already happened in the region. But knowing Putin, he may already be planning how to avenge this attack.


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