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HHello, it’s lunchtime in Paris and Emmanuel Macron has a guest, his Prime Minister Jean Castex.

what happened yesterday? Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen (le Rassemblement National) has put her campaign on hold to focus entirely on finding the sponsors needed to officially appear on the ballot.

Why does this matter? It’s hard to say if this drama was staged, or if it revealed a real problem. Marine Le Pen has indeed frequently defended conspiracy theories aimed at preventing her from becoming a presidential candidate, even though she has been a candidate twice before. There are ten days left to obtain the necessary signatures. Often, many sponsors will come forward in the final days.

Emmanuel Macron’s tenure The yellow jacket protests in 2018 and Covid in 2020 have interrupted him. Now he has to deal with a major European crisis. On Tuesday, the French president found himself under fire from the opposition.A day after Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s deployment in separatist entities in eastern Ukraine, Marine Le Pen accused him of “trying to use this diplomatic incident to bolster his campaign.” She specifically referred to a photo posted photo on Instagram Shown to him by his official photographer he could be his office, looking caring and unshaven.

Leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon (La France Insoumise) mocked his “appalling record”. “There’s no real content to the character he’s playing. It’s no use wishing he did better. He could have done worse,” he said. “Is he Putin’s bait? He added, suggesting that the Russian president is playing him like a violin.

The conservative Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains) was more forgiving. “One cannot blame the president of the republic for trying to have a dialogue with Putin, but this dialogue is too late and in isolation,” she said, even though Emmanuel Macron has been coordinating with his Western counterparts.

Often, another far-right candidate, Eric Zemore, is by far the most ruthless. “The problem is that Emmanuel Macron is not credible and is not respected by Vladimir Putin,” he said. The former debater, who advocated support for an alliance with Russia in 2020, was then labelled the “most reliable” compared to NATO, citing a Russian presidential spokesman. “He said that when Emmanuel Macron came to Moscow and flew back, he came to seek a deal, but this deal was impossible because he was a member of two organisations, the EU and NATO, He is not the owner of either organization,” added Eric Zemour.

All his critics were also quick to point to the failure of Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic moves in Lebanon, Iran or Libya. Still, with international issues traditionally playing a secondary role in voters’ motivations, it remains to be seen whether his last attempt at mediation will affect the campaign.

“Flag effect” rallies during a major crisis could help him in the weeks leading up to the April 10 first round of elections. Despite constant criticism during the pandemic, many surveys show that an overwhelming majority of potential voters believe no one of Emmanuel Macron’s opponents could handle it better. His approval ratings are still well above his predecessors “conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and socialist François Hollande”. The former was not re-elected in 2012, and the latter did not dare to be re-elected in 2017.

His aggressive but futile diplomatic moves have only strengthened two of his assets. Macron was largely ahead of his opponents in a poll published earlier this month by Le Monde, asking voters which candidate has the most extensive presidential material and who best represents them abroad s country.

His most vocal critics are poor on both issues. While 60% of surveyed potential voters thought Emmanuel Macron had the qualities of a president, only 23% thought Eric Zemmour (21% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon). The Marine Le Pen fared better at 35%. Likewise, 57% thought the outgoing president was a good ambassador for France, compared with 18% for Eric Zemmour, 16% for Jean-Luc Mélenchon and 25% for Marine Le Pen. They have little time to improve their situation.

Quote of the day

“It’s the French who pay the bill”

Jordan Baldera, the interim leader of the national rally, opposes new European sanctions against Russia. “I think these sanctions are counterproductive because it’s the French export companies who are going to pay for it. You know, the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia over the years have caused our agricultural exports to Russia to drop by almost 14 percent at European levels,” he said. “And, most importantly, France will pay for it, as the economic sanctions against Russia will lead to retaliation for gas exports. “These retaliations will apply directly to the French people’s gas bills and therefore will reduce their purchasing power,” Instead, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said, “the impact will be limited. »

Graphics of the day


46 Days to go before the first round of the presidential election

60 Days to go before the second round of the presidential election

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