Ukraine completes siege of strategic enclave Leman, challenges Putin’s new Russian borders


“Friends, the news we have received from Liman is shocking. Now he is half surrounded“, bemoaning the pro-Russians on their Telegram channel. limewhich has been in Russian hands since the end of May and may be recovered in the coming days Ukraine. Army Volodymyr Zelensky Already encircled enemy forces in several directions at this strategic location, belonging to the state Donetsk.

Pro-Russian figures began acknowledging on Friday that the situation was “difficult” and “pretty tense” in the words of the separatist leader, given Ukraine’s significant progress Alexei Nikonorov. Russian troops could suffer looming defeat in the region despite assurances from pro-Russians that their troops are Kremlin“temporarily repelling all these attacks”.

The importance of Limán is key because it constitutes a Knot railway The base has been one of Russia’s main bases in its military operations Kramatorsk Yes slovyansk, the two basic fortresses of the Ukrainian army in Donetsk.Likewise, Liman is also located in the southeast Izimin the area Kharkivthe Ukrainian army liberated these places along with the whole province in the latest counteroffensive.

[Ucrania frena su avance sobre el Donbás en Limán mientras espera la llegada de las tropas rusas]

While Ukrainian troops are working to complete the Russian siege of Leman, pro-Russian sources admit that news from the region is “very unpleasant” and that it is necessary to “learn from the mistakes made”. The leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said on Friday, Dennis Pushlinin discovering Moscow Celebrate the illegal merger of four regions of Ukraine with Putin.

After this week’s sham referendum Donetsk, lugansk, Kherson Yes Zaporozhye make these territories abide by The Russian FederationPutin signed the annexation agreement at a ceremony on Friday grand kremlin. Russia annexed about 15% of the territory Ukraine, about 100,000 square kilometers, violates any international legality.

[Zelenski responde a Putin: Ucrania solicita formalmente entrar en la OTAN por la vía rápida]

Facing Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive, pro-Russian figures blame Kyiv try to “taint” In the historic event in Moscow, Putin’s most loyal people packed the capital’s Red Square.

The truth is that Russian troops in Liman are disoriented and unable to receive new remittances because the Ukrainian attack is disrupting their logistical chains and command structures in the region. This is maintained by the spokesman of the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Natalie Gumenyuk.

The Russians had already surrendered in Drobyshev, north of Liman, and Ukraine had liberated its main southeastern escape route, Yampil. Lima has become “Deadly Trap” According to a reporter from the newspaper, for the Russians Kyiv independent Ilya Ponomarenko.

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