Ukraine asks Sanchez to expel Russian diplomats from Spain, as other EU countries are already doing


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Number two in the Ukrainian embassy in Spain, Dmitry Matyushenko, has warned the government that “now is not the time to think, but to act”, and Russian diplomats must be expelled from Spain as soon as possible as other EU countries have already done, such as Italy, Germany and France.

Ukraine also requires Banned honorary consul of Russia in Spain and Confiscation of assets of Russian oligarchs In my country.

“We wait harsher punishment, Especially against oligarchs, it is not worth just seizing assets and leaving them without service, they must use those assets for humanitarian purposes to help displaced Ukrainians,” Dmitry Matyushenko said on Tuesday.

End the “Golden Visa”

At the judicial forum organized by the Madrid Bar Association, Matyushenko emphasized Oppose the “golden visa” Grant large investors residency in Spain and ‘grab as soon as possible Possibly an oligarch’s house and yacht Russians so they don’t hide elsewhere.

“In times of war, this is extremely important,” he noted. increase military support defenders of shared values”.

Therefore, it believed that Spain should Following the example of other European countries And expelled Russian diplomats, noting that there were also several Russian honorary consuls in Spain, and at the time “there was nothing honorable to represent Russia at the moment”.

At the international level, the Minister-Counselor pointed out that it is necessary not only to pressure Russia through sanctions, but also to “do everything possible” isolate it from the international economy,” Because the premise of continuing in business is the ability to continue raising funds to continue their attack.

For this reason, he asked lawyers to “don’t put profit over justice, be consistent and Sever ties with Russian companies” And cooperate in presenting and defending cases before the International Criminal Court and advising arriving refugees.

80,000 Ukrainians

Matyushenko stressed that Spain More than 80,000 Ukrainians have arrived, Of these, 40%, or 32,000, were children, many of whom arrived with their mothers, but many with next of kin or even alone.

The most vulnerable and most concerned are orphans or unaccompanied children, who may end up being victims of trafficking. To that end, he asked for a helpline to be set up from the first day they arrived so they could report “abuse, violence or strange situations”.

The diplomat stressed that all orphans who leave the country “are transferred to Spain following very strict procedures and are subject to very strict controls” and that they need faster reception, which will always be temporary because “After all this is over, orphans or unaccompanied children must return to Ukraine”, Underlined.

It also underscores the importance of mothers arriving alone with their children being able to find shelter where they can spend their first nights without having to wait (sometimes weeks) for support services and safe shelter.

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