Ukraine asks ‘all countries’ to ban display of ‘Z’, symbol of support for Russian aggression


Many are shocked by the start of the invasion of Ukraine Universal symbols of Russian tanks, and later began to appear on the uniforms of their troops or in the territories they had occupied. Today, supporters of the conflict around the world wear them on T-shirts or display them on social networks.Kyiv has said “enough” and called on other states to ban “Z”, which has become big brand promotion Vladimir Putin.

That’s what it currently means, beyond speculation about its origins. The main argument is that the “Z” comes from the Russian expression “za pobedy”, which refers to victory. Others pointed out that this was due to another “zapad”, which was “west”, which could have been used to designate infantry groups designated on that flank. Russia has yet to solve the mystery, but it is using the simplicity and ubiquity of symbols to support its cause.

Dmitro CoolebaUkraine’s foreign minister on Tuesday issued an appeal to “all countries”: “Criminalize the use of the ‘Z’ symbol. (…) This means war crimes, bombing cities, thousands of Ukrainian lives.” Countries like Germany have already begun develop in this direction. At least two federal states, lower Saxony and Bavaria, have declared criminal consequences for using it.

Up to 3 years in Germany

government Olaf Scholz It has been pointed out that apparently no use of lyrics can be banned, let alone punished, so it is up to justice to decide in which circumstances the use of lyrics is expressly intended to support the invasion, or, beyond that, an apology. If proven, the sentence could be up to three years.

the other side, the middle Russia Today, censored outside Russia Because he was considered part of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, he took the opportunity to sell clothes and other products bearing the letter “Z.”Marketing in full force inside and outside Russia, trying to break the Ukrainian story, whose biggest exponent is your president, Vladimir Zelenskyand try to whitewash the invasion by making its symbols viral or suggestive.

If the Ukrainian flag goes beyond solidarity with its people wherever it is waved or displayed, then support for the war is not the same as the Russian flag, which certainly represents a more diverse citizenry than its politics, be opposed to, but there may also be few options to express it without the risk of arrest.It’s “Z”, it was, it’s swastika, those are too Remembrance of crime and pain sign.

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