Ukraine accuses China of launching massive cyberattack days before Russian invasion began

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According to Ukrainian intelligence reports seen by British newspapers, China carried out a massive cyber attack on Ukraine’s military and nuclear infrastructure days before the Russian invasion. era.

Over 600 pages belong to Ministry of Defense According to the Ukrainian Security Service, Ukraine’s intelligence agency, Ukraine and other agencies have suffered thousands of hacking attacks coordinated by the Chinese government.

Ukrainian intelligence reveals Chinese attack started before Ukraine crisis ended Winter OlympicsHeld in China in February, it was an apparent complicity with Russia. The number of Chinese cyberattacks peaked on February 23, a day before Russian troops crossed the border into Ukraine and launched an offensive.

This Security Service of Ukraine He has said the cyberattacks carried out by China targeted the country’s border armed forces, state banks and railway authorities. These attacks are designed to steal data and discover ways to shut down or disrupt critical defenses and civilian infrastructure.

Russia is also trying to disrupt Ukrainian networks and influence Government webpage Before launching the intrusion, but Ukrainian intelligence said the Chinese attack could be distinguished by the hacking methods used by China.

when asked era If the intelligence services U.K A UK government spokesman, informed of the Ukraine allegations, said “the National Cyber ​​Security Centre is investigating the allegations together with our international partners”.

US intelligence said era Information on Chinese cyber attacks on Ukraine is accurate. The Chinese embassy in the UK did not respond when asked about the allegations, according to British newspapers.

China has been staying out of Russia’s incursion, although it refuses to condemn Russia’s actions Vladimir PutinBefore the Winter Olympics, Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the leaders of the two countries signed a joint statement declaring that there were no “restrictions” in the relationship between the two countries and no “prohibited areas of cooperation.” Shortly after Putin’s visit to Xi Jinping, the Ukrainian government saw an increase in cyberattacks.

“Don’t look at anything else”

The European Union (EU) asked China to “don’t turn a blind eye” and “help stop” the war in Ukraine as the Chinese government held a summit with the European Union via videoconference on Friday.

“We ask China to help stop the war in Ukraine. China cannot turn a blind eye to this violation of international law,” European Council President Charles Michel told a news conference after Friday’s meeting.Telematics with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Xi Jinping.

EU will “watchful” Michel warned that before “any attempt to help Russia economically or militarily”, “positive measures taken by China to help stop the war will be welcomed by all Europeans and the international community,” declared the European Council president.China and Michelle’s statement comes ahead of the release era.

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