Ukraine accelerates counter-offensive: do not let Russian reserves “wait another 3 months”


Ukrainian army did not expect Reserve Mobilized by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of September, arrived on the battlefield”within two to three months“. This was stated by the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksi Reznikovon one of the government channels on Telegram.

“The first 150,000 Russians will be dispatched by the Russian Federation to be called in to replenish the lost troops,” he explained in the statement. Diagram inconsistent with diagram 200,000 new employees According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, he has been training in the armed forces for at least three days.

If the numbers dance, partly because the Ukrainian army thinks Moscow not enough resources Equip all his soldiers.Especially if one considers the recent massive withdrawal of troopsmaster As British intelligence points out in its daily war report, the Russians have abandoned a large number of tanks and military equipment in the Kharkiv and Kherson areas.

Russian reservists are training to fight.

“To send them to the front, they have to be armed, clothed and fed, and in Russia they have problems with that,” Reznikov said. And, adding to the inexperience of the recruits – “who they are not ready at all“—Let Kyiv think that the military training phase will not end soon. Once it does, it may take a while for the Russian authorities to decide how to deploy the new battalion.

At the Kremlin, they did not specify when reservists would be sent to the front.However, if the deadline proposed by Ukrainian officials is met, Kyiv may announce soon total victory.

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In fact, military analysts have consulted era They insist that if Kyiv sticks to its progress, it could expel Russian troops from the Donbas region by the end of the year. On the other hand, restoring Crimea will be a bigger challenge, the British newspaper clarified in the article.

To do this, however, Zelensky’s forces should at least be able to maintain the speed used in the successful Kharkov and Kherson counteroffensives, which allowed them to recover more than 5,000 square kilometers in just a few days.

However, the Ukrainians knew the time was running out and they were not content with the bare minimum, so they decided to speed up the attack before the arrival of the new enemy … and the cold.

Russian soldiers in military training camp.

Russian soldiers in military training camp.

Snow and low temperatures made transportation difficult and created problems for securing supply lines.some technical difficulties would give the Russians time to regroup Yes launch their counterattack. And that’s exactly what they plan to do.

He admitted on Wednesday Kirill Stremusov, the top pro-Russian authority in Kherson province, from which Russian troops have withdrawn in recent days. “The troops are regrouping to strengthen themselves and have the ability to counterattack,” he told RIA Novosti. estuary.

Some argue that the “reorganization” formula is a way to cover up the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, desperate, abandoned strategic enclave In the northeastern part of the country, such as Liman (Kharkov region), ammunition, vehicles and military supplies were left behind.

On the southern front, however, along the Dnieper, Moscow’s troops seem to be moving from more orderly wayas he promises Washington post Citing local Ukrainian sources. They retreated strategically, taking all their equipment with them and trying to establish a new line of defense near the regional capital Kherson, which was occupied by Russian forces at the start of the invasion.

Therefore, it can be expected thatreorganization“And the Russian “counterattack” was carried out in the southern city of Kherson. That is, if the Ukrainian advance did not catch them first.

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