UK to pay France tens of millions MORE to detain migrants by boat, totaling hundreds of millions since 2015


UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been outspoken in criticizing the “invasion” of illegal immigrants across the English Channel. Her characterization of her illegals drew outrage from globalists, and even drew condemnation from the infamous George Soros.

As stated in Jihad Watch last month:

If Braverman manages to survive the opposition attack, his immigration goals must be backed by the government if the UK is to see any results. While Sunak “outlined a plan to set a cap on the number of refugees per year, as well as cap limits on who can apply for asylum”, recalls that Truss also promised to be tough on migration during her campaign to replace Boris Johnson. However, shortly after becoming prime minister, she declared that “migration is good for growth.” It remains to be seen if Sunak will keep his promises.

This last point is already in question. In fact, it is insane that the Sunak government is willing to shell out tens of millions MORE in taxpayer money to the French government to prevent Muslim economic migrants from entering the country illegally through the English Channel. That adds to the hundreds of millions that have been paid out since 2015. Britain under Sunak is crumbling, just as it did under Boris Johnson. Former UK Home Secretary Priti Patel made efforts, but her government gave no support. Same for Suella Braverman.

Immigrants are now being accommodated on cruise ships and in vacation parks. These unexamined illegals have also been installed by the government in small luxury hotel towns, which is costing the British millions of their tax dollars.

Since 2014, the Sunday Express reported:

The huge trade of moving migrants out of Africa to Britain is worth £5bn a year to people traffickers, who arm them with knives, guns and other weapons to fight French riot police.

The money spent by the British to house these illegals, and wasted in France to control the influx, when France actually does nothing, is astronomical. Yet the globalists continue to get away with almost anything.

“Definition of Insanity? UK Will Hand Over Millions To France To Stop Boat Migrants… Again,” By Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, Nov. 14, 2022:

The British government will hand over tens of millions to the French government to stop migrants by boat once again, but it has set no targets for a reduction in crossings and refuses to say whether it thinks the policy will work.

A succession of Conservative Party (Tory) prime ministers have already made several transfers to the French government totaling hundreds of millions of pounds since 2015, in the vain hope that this might persuade them to prevent illegal immigrants from using their beaches as launch pad to Britain. . However, the annual influx has continued to increase year after year, and has increased exponentially.

The latest tranche of £63m money for France comes with a pledge to beef up patrols by 40 per cent and bolster them with British staff, but there are no arrangements for boat migrants arriving in Britain to be transferred from I return to France, which would be by far the best. most obvious way to discourage them.

Indeed, the UK government has pointedly refused to say whether it believes the deal with the French will reduce the number of migrants crossing the Channel at all, and Downing Street has confirmed that no target for the reductions was included.

“It is really important that you understand that we are dealing with an evolving situation,” insisted James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, in comments to the BBC, as if “the situation” had not been fairly constant involving migrants in France and Belgium, safe member states of the European Union, pay criminal people smugglers to take them to Britain in small boats, and authorities have refused to return them, since at least 2018.

Unions appear to be unimpressed by the deal, with a PCS union representative for Border Force personnel, Kevin Mills, noting that it doesn’t mean migrants caught trying to reach Britain will actually be stopped and dealt with by French authorities. instead of simply released to try again later, as is customary today.

“This agreement is not enough and the lack of details is telling. If you arrest thousands today and let the majority go, how many will try again tomorrow? As far as I can see, there is no plan,” Mills told The Guardian…


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