UK political crisis deepens: Brexit minister resigns, hitting Boris Johnson hard


TO senior member Prime Minister Boris Johnson The cabinet resigned Saturday night, fueling a sense of turmoil within the government, which this week faced a riot from its own legislators and voters.

Brexit Minister David Frost said in a letter to Johnson that he is stepping down immediately after the newspaper reported that he planned to leave the post next month.

Frost said the EU exit process will be a long job. “This is why we agreed earlier this month that I would leave in January and pass the baton to others to manage our future relationship with the EU,” he said in his resignation letter.

However, the Mail on Sunday previously reported that he resigned due to growing frustration with Johnson’s policies. The newspaper said Frost’s decision was prompted by new restrictions on the pandemic last week, including a requirement that people show proof of vaccination or test negative for coronavirus to visit nightclubs and other crowded places.

And in his resignation letter, Frost said the UK needs to “learn to live with Covid … In July, you made a bold decision, despite significant opposition, to reopen the country. Unfortunately, this has not proven to be irreversible. as I wanted, and I believe that you too. I hope that we will soon be back on track and not be tempted by the coercive measures we have seen elsewhere. “

This news follows a stunning defeat for Johnson’s Conservative Party in Thursday’s by-elections in North Shropshire, a longtime stronghold of the party. Earlier this week, 99 conservative lawmakers voted against so-called vaccine passports in the House of Commons in the biggest uprising in Johnson’s two and a half years as prime minister.

Angela Rainer, deputy leader of the opposition Labor Party, said Johnson is not fit for the job as the omicron variant is causing a spike in coronavirus infections.

“The government is in complete chaos right now as the country faces several uncertain weeks,” Reiner tweeted. “We deserve better than this buffoonery.”

Even some of Johnson’s party members piled up.

“The prime minister doesn’t have the time and friends to deliver on the promises and discipline of a real Conservative government,” Tweeted Conservative lawmaker Andrew Bridgen. Lord Frost made it clear, 100 conservative legislators made it clear, but most importantly, the people of North Shropshire did the same.

Frost was in talks with the European Union as the Johnson government sought to renegotiate the UK’s exit from the bloc.

His resignation comes after the UK recently softened its position in negotiations with the EU over trade rules for Northern Ireland after the UK left the EU. Britain’s change in tone came as a surprise to many, as it seemed to be at odds with the tough stance of the Brexit minister, dubbed “Frosty the No Man.”

Johnson’s government has also come under fire for reports that officials Christmas parties last year when pandemic rules prohibited such gatherings.

In addition to his troubles with the so-called party gate scandal, Johnson’s choice to investigate the claims was canceled after he was also associated with such parties.

Simon Keyes, the head of the civil service, declined to investigate after Guido Fox’s website reported on Friday that his department hosted two parties in December 2020.

The scandal erupted when a video showing the imitation emerged. a press conference at which some of Johnson’s employees appeared to poke fun at the party that broke the rules of the pandemic. Prior to this, the prime minister had vehemently denied that government officials had violated any isolation rules.

The London Times reported on Saturday that one of the events hosted by Keyes’ department, the cabinet, had been digitally calendared as a “Christmas party!” and was hosted by a member of Keyes’ team.

The Cabinet of Ministers said on Friday that the event was a virtual quiz that was attended by a small number of people who worked together in the same office.

“The cabinet secretary did not attend the event, but walked through the team’s office on his way to his office,” the office said in a statement. – No outside guests or other staff were invited or attended. It lasted an hour, and those present bought drinks and snacks. He also spoke briefly with the office staff before leaving. “

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