UK: Left-wing Commentator Says Not Allowing ISIS Girlfriend Shamima Begum To Return To Country Is Racist

Danger to the British people? Bah! Marina Purkiss will be safe in the gated communities of the elites. Only ordinary people will have to suffer the consequences.

“DAN WOOTTON: Leftists want you to think that banning ISIS’s sweetheart, Shamima Begum, from Britain is racist. But she is a lying, evil terrorist who must deal with the consequences of her actions and never set foot in the country again,” by Dan Wootton, MailOnline, November 25, 2022:

I don’t give a damn about the color of Shamima Begum’s eyes or skin.

But what I do know is that if I were to look into his oculus of evil, I would see a despicable ISIS defector who expressed no remorse for the Manchester Arena bombing that killed eight-year-old Saffie-Rose Roussos and others. 21 innocent.

I have no doubt that Begum is a conscious traitor who fled Bethnal Green voluntarily in a calculated ploy to act as a member of the Islamic State’s moral police, wielding a Kalashnikov rifle and ensuring that women abide by its barbaric rules while helping sewing suicide vests for jihadist men.

And as a result, the 23-year-old ISIS girlfriend must never set foot in our country again.

In fact, it should stand as the ultimate lesson for any young Brit thinking about joining a death cult that this is not some kind of fantasy, but rather a life sentence.

If Begum has to rot in the Al-Roj camp in northeast Syria because Bangladesh, where she can also apply for citizenship, won’t accept her either, so be it.

The Home Office and MI5 concluded long ago that she remains a serious security threat and the time has come for the courts to accept that reasoning and move on.

But leftist lawyers acting on her behalf this week are trying to make a new argument before the Special Commission on Immigration Appeals that Begum was subjected to exploitative sex trafficking in 2015, coinciding with a new public relations campaign to suggest that he was a victim of racism as such. child.

In the British media and the political establishment dominated by bleeding-hearted liberals who believe it is somehow inappropriate to send illegal economic migrants arriving across the Channel on small gang-operated boats back to their country of origin of human traffickers, a new narrative is emerging as to why Begum, now portraying herself as an Avril Lavigne-style skater Western, should be able to return here.

Far-left commentator Marina Purkiss told Jeremy Vine this week: “If Shamima was a 15-year-old white girl with blue eyes who had been made up like this, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

Of course, not only is this utter nonsense, given that we also stripped the very white jihadist Jack Letts of his British citizenship, but he’s also doing the PR bidding of Begum, who has finally realized that the West can be won over with unfortunate stories of victimhood.

That’s why, in a recently published interview I spent on my GB News show last night, Begum told journalist Andrew Drury that she ‘faced racism’ in primary school, where she claims she experienced a teacher giving ‘favourites to children’. white children’ when she was seven or eight years old.

Even if we give Begum the benefit of the doubt, the idea that a single experience of discrimination at an East London school somehow provides an excuse to defect to ISIS is laughable.

Drury has been a faithful part of Begum’s PR campaign for the past two years.

But, having heard about the sex trafficking claim from her lawyers, she finally turned on Begum and realized that she is an accomplished liar.

He told me: ‘I’ve spent hours and hours interviewing her. I’ve researched her story for years. And at first, yes, she deceived me by telling me that she was a victim who had become radicalized.

But I’m so shocked by these sex trafficking claims because in all the times I’ve talked to her, she’s never mentioned it. There was no sex trafficking and radicalization never took place. She sought a life with ISIS. She looked for him.’…

Shamima Begum is a traitor to this country and must never be allowed back.