UK: Leeds United football club attend ‘educational workshops’ for ‘Islamophobia awareness month’


Note the photo here, which reads: “For every 1 moderate Muslim mentioned in the press, there are 21 references to extremist Muslims.”

That is the kind of misleading statistics that is designed to manipulate people into agreeing to the ban on reporting jihadi terrorist activity.

Even if it’s true, it doesn’t make sense. It would be the same as saying: “For every 1 law-abiding citizen mentioned in the press, there are 21 references to criminals.”

True, because the press makes news, and people who obey the law are not news. People who break the law are news. So, of course, “extremist Muslims” get more attention in the press than “moderate Muslims.”

The agenda here, however, is to intimidate non-Muslims into keeping quiet about jihadi activity for fear of appearing “Islamophobic.”

Judging by the current state of Britain, this agenda has been wildly successful. I am sure that during these ‘educational workshops’ no one at Leeds Football Club dared to ask awkward questions about what exactly should do with the violence of jihad. They all tasted better. They have already been cleverly programmed for years.

“Club show support for Islamophobia Awareness Month”, Leeds United Football Club, 30 November 2022:

Leeds United have been showing their support for Islamophobia Awareness Month, a campaign that aims to showcase the positive contributions of Muslims and raise awareness of Islamophobia in society.

With the support of MEND, a not-for-profit company that helps empower and encourage British Muslims within local communities, various age groups within Leeds United Academy have participated in various educational workshops throughout November at around this important topic.

During the presentations made at the training ground, the young players were able to learn more about Muslims and what Islamophobia can look like in society, be it verbal or physical attacks, discrimination, stereotyping, exclusion or marginalization.

There was also an opportunity to have a discussion about what they thought was causing the rise in Islamophobia in the UK, and what they thought could be done to tackle and end Islamophobia, with the main aim of further learning and education. about the topic.

Local MEND representative Haris Muhammad, who delivered the workshops, said: “I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to give the presentations to the various groups at Thorp Arch. The players were a credit to themselves and the club. They were engaging, inquisitive, and receptive to a subject that can be difficult to absorb.”

The theme of Islamophobia Awareness Month 2022 was trying to address the denial of Islamophobia. Denial can be seen in many different forms and can be found in political and social spaces throughout society. By denying the existence of Islamophobia, we are dismissing the lived experiences of Muslims and also the opportunity we have to close the gaps in our society….


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