UK government points out Boris Johnson’s ‘leadership blunder’ for Downing Street party


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Report prepared by the UK government party hold Boris Johnson In Downing Street during the pandemic, he assured there was “a lapse in leadership and judgment”, adding that “some of these events should not have been allowed to happen”.

“Sometimes it seems that little consideration is given to what the country is going through In assessing the suitability of some of these sessions, the risks they pose to public health and how people evaluate them. There have been lapses in leadership and judgment in 10 Downing Street and various parts of the Cabinet Office. Some events shouldn’t happen. There are other events that shouldn’t be held like this. “

These are some of the conclusions of the report prepared by senior officials Sugrey And it has been handed over to the British Prime Minister. As such, the Prime Minister’s Office released the text, but omits relevant information to comply with Sctoland Yard’s request not to disclose important details.

While reviewing that some of these social gatherings are under police investigation, the report makes it clear that “important lessons can be learned from these incidents that the government must address immediately and do not require police investigations to end.”

“During the pandemic, when governments are asking citizens to accept significant restrictions on their lives, Some of the behavior surrounding these social gatherings is hard to justify. “Gray pointed out in the just-released twelve-page document.

He added, “Some of these meetings have grossly failed to meet the standards expected by core government workers, as well as by the general population.”

Gray recalls being told by the Metropolitan Police that it would be appropriate to make only minimal references to the meetings they investigate, which “unfortunately means,” she explained, “that I have a very limited view of these events, and right now Impossible to produce a meaningful report that looks at all the facts I managed to gather.


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