UGT and CCOO demand bonus for families against inflation


Sevilla (EFE) rising prices. Assistance to pay for basic supplies such as water, electricity and basket staples.

In a press conference, the general secretaries in Andalusia of the CCOO, Nuria López and the UGT, Carmen Castilla, denounced that the Andalusian budgets for 2023 “are not social and do not protect families or workers” at a time of high cost of living due to rising pricesand criticized the fact that the Council does not consider any measure to cushion these effects as other regions such as the Balearic Islands, Valencia or Galicia have done.

In addition to the premium to pay for basic supplies, they propose streamlining the minimum income, a one-time fuel payment for certain groups who need to travel for work, supplementing transport discounts of at least 30 %, as the central government has done, as well as an increase in social assistance, among others.

lack of dialogue

The two union leaders, who are demanding the bonus for families, complained about the Andalusian government’s lack of dialogue in this new legislature with an absolute majority, since “more than a hundred days later, President Juanma Moreno has not met the unions”, with whom communication is practically nil, they lamented.

Nuria López recriminated to the Andalusian government that “it turns its back on the workers” and lacks proposals or those it proposes, such as that of attracting energy nomads, do not correspond to a solid project, since this measure can lead to dysfunctions such as increases in rental prices and the use of services by people who will not pay taxes in this community, he argued.

In addition, he denounced that the Andalusian government has not committed to employment in its budgets since the budget for the unemployed of the Andalusian Employment Service is reduced by 350 euros from the year 2021 and is set for next year at 418 euros, which will entail less training and orientation, stressed Nuria López.

Protection is exchanged for bonuses

“The protection of the unemployed is modified by business bonuses”, assured the leader of the CCOO, who also specified that the sharp increase in the health item in the budgets is due to the drug bill due to the abolition of auctions and the gigs with private companies, for which he warned the Board that “it’s going badly if they follow in Madrid’s footsteps”.

The leader of the UGT abounded in it ande Andalusian budget of 2023 includes a deterioration of public services such as health, with a transfer of funds to the private sector, as well as the lack of funds for the CRECE industrial program and cuts in equality programs, among others.

“Budgets do not protect the majority of Andalusians,” lamented Carmen Castilla, who warned of the “scourge” of work accidents, with 109 fatalities in work accidents so far this year in Andalusia, and the Council’s lack of commitment to the institution of prevention and occupational risks. Hence the need for a premium for families. ECE


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