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Valladolid (EFE) as a partner of the PP in the autonomous government.

Beyond the numbers, the protest marches had the added value of the broad repertoire of representation in the form of political, agrarian, environmental, neighborhood, feminist and LGTBIQ+ movement associations and entities, as produced in Valladolid, the most numerous appointment with a thousand participants.


There they supported the march, among others, the regional secretary of CC.OO, Vicente Andrés, who demanded from the president of the Junta, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), the expulsion of the government “of the extreme right, of those who do not respect the law” and who have been accused of prevarication for having violated the conventions in force.

The general secretary of the CC.OO in Castile and León, Vicente Andrés (d), and the general secretary of the UGT in Castile and León, Faustino Temprano (i), during the demonstration called this Sunday in Valladolid in defense of democracy. EFE/Nacho Gallego

If in a community with “many structural problems” such as depopulation, brain drain and economic decline, we add “a government that does not conform, that hates a part of its citizens, women, unions or immigrants, he does not deserve peace”. “

In the same vein, the regional leader of the UGT, Faustino Temprano, underlined the support of civil society and announced that this mobilization “does not stop there because the rights and freedoms acquired for a long time are at stake “.

“We are the third autonomy in which companies go out and, speaking with businessmen, they explain it by the instability of social peace since the formation of the government”, he warned before influence the expected rise in unemployment due to a government which, from its point of view, denies employment, youth, equality or immigration policies.

Other entities joined the march, such as the Women’s Coordinator of Valladolid, the Triangulo Foundation, the Confederation of Neighbors of Castile and León (CAVECAL) and the Agrarian Union UPA-COAG, as well as many civil servants such as the Secretary general of the PSOE, Luis Tudanca.

Constitutional law professor and LGBT activist Marina Echevarría read a manifesto in the Plaza de la Universidad in which she criticized Vox for creating “frontism” and promoting the loss of democratic quality in the courts of Castilla y León, Ha He also accused the vice-chairmanship of the Board of Directors of being “unnecessary” and of having served “to vehemently castigate everyone”.

The union leaders, for their part, demanded the breaking of the government pact between PP and Vox, and demanded respect for the agreements signed on employment, equality and gender violence.

In León, just over half a thousand people supported the call of the UGT and CC.OO unions to establish “a collective voice in defense of democracy and the social and lawful State, and the respect for democratic legality” which, according to the province, the secretary of CC.OO, Xosepe Vega, is attacking Vox.

“We appeal to the public, to the collectives and to the social agents because it is necessary that the Government of this Community understands that this is not the way because in only six months of legislature an incalculable number of aggressions, harassment and violations of the law have already accumulated for a dangerous democratic drift”, he denounced.

For his part, the provincial secretary of the UGT, Enrique Reguero, added to the loss of democratic rights the neglect and oblivion of the Council in matters such as the “lack of support” for the candidacy of the capital of León to house the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency.

The demonstration brought together the mayor of the city and the president of the Provincial Council, the socialists José Antonio Diez and Eduardo Morán, respectively, as well as the secretary general of the Union of the People of Leone (UPL), Luis Mariano Santos.
More than five hundred people demonstrated in the center of Salamanca to remind the Junta de Castilla y León that democracy “is not just about voting every four years”.

The provincial secretary of the UGT, Marcelino Muñoz, asked the regional government “to respect social dialogue, women, LGTBI groups and workers”, while the CC.OO secretary, José Antonio Gallego, explained that the demonstration represents those who “are the voice of the street” in front of certain speeches of the Junta de Castilla y León “based on hatred”.


Separately, the convening unions, UGT and CC.OO, demonstrated in Soria because of dissensions that they have not explained so far.

When the leader of the demonstration arrived in front of the Territorial Delegation of the Junta, the thirty affiliates and sympathizers of the UGT who demonstrated in defense of democracy, had left the scene.

In Segovia, about two hundred people gathered at the gates of the headquarters of the CC.OO and UGT unions before marching to the Plaza Mayor behind a banner reading “Let’s defend democracy”.

Before starting the march, the provincial secretary of CC.OO, Álex Blázquez, spoke of the “little investment” that is coming to Segovia in terms of health despite the electoral promises: “We feel like the Cinderella of the autonomous community “, he lamented.

For his part, the provincial secretary of the UGT, José Luis Martí, accused the regional government of having “broken” the social dialogue and, with it, “destroyed” many “essential” programs for these unions, such as those related to equality, gender violence, training, integration or immigration.


The protest by the unions this Sunday will not be the last, announced the general secretary of CC.OO in Burgos, Juan Núñez, who advanced another possible appeal “surely coinciding with the approval of the general budgets of Castilla y León”.

For his part, the provincial secretary of the UGT, Pablo Dionisio Fraile, denounced the “fascist policies” and the provocations from which, according to him, they have suffered since Vox entered the Junta de Castilla y León.

Several hundred people, with union leaders and the mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, in the front line, supported the call of the unions in Burgos, while in Palencia there were more than four hundred people for denounce the “policies that punish organizations and groups that represent civil society”, according to the provincial secretary of CC.OO, Elena Villamediana.

“It’s not about left or right, it affects all citizens,” added UGT provincial secretary Gorka López, who insisted on the need for the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), “front” and “return to consensus” to avoid “continuing to degrade democracy”.

In Zamora just over two hundred demonstrators marched through the streets of the center. At the start of the mobilization, the head of CC.OO de Zamora, Trinidad Acebes, confided that the regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, “one day will stop being so anesthetized and will redirect” the course of the Junta de Castilla y León for certain “non-conformities” which he described as “very serious” and which affect both trade unions and professional organisations. ECE


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