Uganda: Muslims Seriously Injure Pastor and His Wife After Threatening to Kill Him, Destroy His Church


His crime was convincing Muslims to convert to Christianity, which is prohibited under Islamic law. But here again, the world will yawn, while if the roles were reversed, which they would not and should not be, there would be an insistent international protest.

“Pastoralists injured in separate attacks in Uganda”, Morning Star News, November 29, 2022:

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – A group of Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda seriously injured a pastor and his wife in an attack on a meeting at their church on November 18, it said.

The knife attack at an evening service at the Church of the Believers in Nansonko village, Kibuku district, came in response to an evangelistic event in August where five young Muslim men, ages 19 to 27, placed their faith in Christ, said the 56-year-old. assault victim, Pastor Jude Sitaalo.

“I had been warned three times with threatening messages,” Pastor Sitaalo told Morning Star News, adding that the threats were made both face-to-face and in phone text messages, one of which read: “Pastor, let our children return to Islam. , and if not, we are going to kill you and destroy your church”.

He said he and his wife, Naisiga Sitaalo, were meeting with 10 other church members when he saw a mosque leader leading a group of Muslims who stormed the service around 7:35 p.m.

“They grabbed me and started beating me with sticks while one of them cut me with a long knife,” Pastor Sitaalo told Morning Star News. “A church member and my wife tried to rescue me, but they were badly beaten with sticks.”

Other church members fled for their lives, he said. Pastor Sitaalo suffered stab wounds to the head, hand and back, and his wife also suffered cuts to her forehead and back, he said.

“We are suffering from herding converts from Islam,” the pastor said from his hospital bed….


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