UFC Fight Night: Ty Tuivasa suffers a knockout at the hands of Cyril Gein


AS WELL AScome though fighters love Tai Tuivasa extremely entertaining to watch without having a defensive strategy against elite heavyweights like Cyril Gein ended up costing him the fight. In this three-round battle, Cyril had a clear strategy, and he executed it perfectly against the chaotic Tai Tuivasa. His biggest bet was the perpetual strategy of getting hit and hitting back to get a nasty knockout.

But such a fight is always a big risk, it’s like all-in in poker. During the 2nd round Tuivas almost got Cyril Gein but it was literally his only chance to win this fight, and he missed it. By the third round, he was too tired and had taken too many hits to last until the bell. Gein cut him with just a few seconds left and delivered a resounding knockout against Tai.

Francis Ngannou witnessed the fight

Before the fight we could see Francis Ngannou sits in the front row. reigning heavyweight the champion is currently recovering from knee surgery and he is well aware that his division will be much more interesting for a certain key player. Good vibes were everywhere in between Ghana and Tuivasa before, during and after the fight, despite their attempts to blow each other’s heads off.

When the last bell rang i win walked over to Ty to see if he was okay and they both hugged. Sportsmanship at its best, it was a great fight between these two guys. In the co-main event Whittaker easily beats Vettori in a middleweight fight, but we need to address the giant elephant in the room.

Jon Jones has officially entered the chat

This result leaves more questions than answers in the heavyweight division due to a very specific fight ahead. Legend Jon Jones vs Stipe Miocic in his official return to the sport as a heavyweight. He worked hard to get as much as he could for this comeback and everything. mma the world is delighted with it. Let’s see how crazy this division gets next year.


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