UFC 279: Nate Diaz dominates and crushes Tony Ferguson in battle of legends


BUTyou UFC 279 Nate Diaz defeated Tony Ferguson in a duel pitting two mixed martial arts legends on T-Mobile in Las Vegas, Nevada.

UFC 279 was supposed to show Diaz vs. Chimaev, but the latter missed weight and moved 7.5 pounds, after which Dana White made the decision to change the fight in the main event.

Diaz waited for a moment and surrendered Ferguson.

The two fighters begin to measure their strength, Diaz tries to tie the kick, but Feguson well nullifies the attack.

In the first exchange of blows Diaz connects the two, Ferguson reacts and elbows.

Ferguson delivers a powerful blow to Diaz. who shows pain in his face, Diaz begins to limp, then challenges “Kukui”.

Diaz is standing by the fence, laughing, takes his breath away, the blow really hurts him.

Diaz goes on top, connects two good shots, Ferguson gets to his feet, and the opponent refuses to chase him.

Diaz is patient, chasing his opponent around the octagon, throwing punches.

Ferguson tries to knock Diaz to the ground. but Diaz defends well, manages to hit the hand and uses the guillotine. Ferguson can’t take it anymore and gives up.


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