UFC 277: Brandon Moreno defeated Kare France to become the new Interim UFC Flyweight Champion


Brandon Moreno defeated Kai Kara France TKO in three rounds UFC 277 in Dallas, Texas to become the new Interim UFC Flyweight Champion.

Singing “Mexico” was loudly heard in Dallas, most of the fans were rooting for the Mexican Moreno.

Cara France was the first to introduce speed into the fight, he laid out on Moreno, who patiently waited for the moment to strike. The first round was stopped for a few seconds by a clean low blow from Moreno.

Brandon tried to beat Cara Francebut Cara-France defended well and managed to stay on his feet. The two fighters exchanged blows.

Moreno showed greater mobility, was on his hands longer and landed more hits. The Mexican tried to take the fight to the ground, but Cara France again managed to defend very well.

Cara France managed to catch Moreno with a kick to the opponent’s leg, the Mexican lost his balance and fell, but got up very quickly to continue the fight.

Moreno was careless and Cara France landed a good shot that opened up Moreno’s right cheekbone.. The Mexican went on top, but looked uncontrollable, the blood made him lose concentration.

30 seconds before the end of the third round Moreno kicked Cara-France in the stomach with a brutal kick, who threw himself on the canvas. with an impressive expression of pain on his face, then the Mexican smelled blood and fell on him with earth and a pound. The referee decided to stop the action.

With this victory, Brandon Moreno became UFC interim bantamweight champion.


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