UFC 277: Amanda Nunes regained her featherweight title by defeating Julianna Peña in Fight of the Year


Amanda Nunes defeated Julianna Peña regained the featherweight title in Dallas, Texas by unanimous decision at UFC 277.

Amanda Nunez came out cautiously in the first round, but was not afraid, the Brazilian managed to connect a right hand that hit Peña, but the Venezuelan reacted and delivered good shots. The last ten seconds surprised the fighters with an intense exchange of fragments.

The second round was a nightmare for Peña, Nunez hit her three times and sent her to the canvas three times. The champion stood up and, like a wounded animal, rushed at the challenger with all her might, throwing good combinations, but the Brazilian easily took the round.

The Brazilian dominated the fight, dropping her to the ground where Peña wanted to take her. the Brazilian responded and took on a better role. Nunez and Peña went to the ground, Peña tried to use an armbar, but the Brazilian managed to defend himself very well.

Nunes and Peña gave us a historic fourth round. Penalty three times tried to apply an armbar, but the Brazilian defended himself like a warrior and managed to escape as many times. The champion showed courage and a huge heart, despite having two cuts on her forehead, she never backed down.

In the fifth round, emotions did not subside, Nunes and Peña surrendered to the public. The Brazilian knocked down the Venezuelan, who for the hundredth time tried to subdue the applicant, but Carioca’s defense was superior.

The lead turned in the round, with Peña dominating and then Nunes, both of them impressive. As a result, the champion bled, but won universal respect.

After five rounds the fight came to an end and the judges saw Amanda Nunes wins (50-45, 50-44, 50-43) who regained the UFC Featherweight Championship.


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