UEFA is preparing a new tournament that will start before the Champions League


OREFA are ready to create a new tournament that will open the new season and run until the start Champions League campaign.

It will start in 2024, the same year that the newly approved revised Champions League format also starts. Four clubs will take part in the tournament, including the winner of the previous Champions Leaguein a Final Four format and will likely take place in the United States.

While European Super Cup will continue, there will be no more Champions League champion. Instead of this Europa League and Conference League winners will fight for it.

UEFA is interested in the Final Four format. Champions League for a while, but since these plans did not come to fruition, they now turned their attention to this new idea.

How will the four teams be selected? One of them will almost certainly be the reigning Champions League winner, while the other three will be “three very successful teams” according to L’Equipe, or the top players in the new format’s standings, according to AP. Several weeks ago.

It is hoped that this tournament will give clubs even more room to play as it is expected to take place in August and will consist of two semi-finals and a final.

Champions League match on Thursday

According to L’Equipe, another new idea is that the new Champions League format will start on Thursday, with the rest of the matches played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as usual.

The new format of the Champions League.

The new Champions League format was approved last month and will run from 2024 to 2027. In response to the Super League, it will have 36 teams instead of the current 32, with each club playing eight matches against different opponents.

The top eight will advance directly to the Round of 16, while teams from 9th to 24th will play an additional round robin playoff to determine the other eight finalists.


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