UEFA has launched an investigation into Barcelona accounts.


Tdetachments of goyim, including Barcelonaare under investigation by UEFA for failing to comply with Financial Fair Play for the 2020/21 season.

Sanctions are pending and there is already talk of problems with 10 clubs, including Paris Saint Germain, Marseilles, Inter, Rome, Juventus as well as Barcelona.

The latter two are in legal proceedings against UEFA along with RealMadrid about the Superleague.

According to The Times, sanctions for PSG as well as Marseilles may be of a financial nature, while Italian clubs and Barcelona may face more severe penalties that could result in possible bans from participating or completing transfers.

New control system

This season will be the last under the existing FFP rules. From 2023, UEFA will introduce a new system whereby clubs will be limited to spending a certain percentage of their income on player salaries, transfers and agency fees.

The limit will be 90 percent by 2023, 80 percent by 2024 and 70 percent by 2025. Club finances will be monitored at various times throughout the year while they are in European competition.

PSG violated one of the main points of financial fair play for the past three years, and therefore the governing body of European football gave him three years to correct the situation and bring his figures into line with his expenses related to his income.

The French newspaper L’Equipe has reported a deficit of more than 30 million euros in each of the last three years, and this must change immediately.

As MARK found out, Leo Messi as well as Kylian Mbappethe team faces financial sanctions and, perhaps more seriously, sporting sanctions.


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